Major Trends in 2019 for Aries

Last year was a difficult one, as reported in the aries 2019 astrology forecast. It was a year of taking on burdens and responsibilities, of restructuring your home, family and domestic scene and of getting your emotional life in order. Your overall energy was not up to its usually high standard and you had to face reality with your physical energy, even a dynamic Aries has limits!

You couldn’t be everywhere, do everything and be your usual ‘super-person’ self. You had to set priorities and focus on what was really important to you. This trend is continuing in 2019.

Like much of last year, 2019 is about overcoming obstacles, problem solving, learning patience (a very difficult lesson for you who want everything yesterday) and arriving at goals through evolutionary processes rather than all at once.

aries 2019 horoscope

Understand that your Horoscope is the Divine Plan of your life and it is, ultimately, a plan of happiness, success and fulfilment but the Cosmos throws in some challenges to make you stronger, educate you and to keep things interesting. Too much ease and harmony can definitely be boring and there is such a thing as ‘being tired with happiness’.

Many of you landed dream jobs in the past year and many of you will land one this year. Employment prospects are bright indeed.

Last year, the planet Uranus was flitting in and out of the Sign of Pisces. A major change. Uranus has been in Aquarius for about seven years. This year, Uranus’ move is established. He will be in Pisces, your 12th House of Spirituality all year and for many years to come. This is bringing many spiritual changes to you.

First it will bring you spiritually orientated friends and they will lead you into the deeper depths of the great within. Those of you already on a path will probably make important changes within your path, a change of teachers, techniques, practices or regimes. Many of you will break away from all teachers and launch out on your own.

There is great spiritual experimentation going on.

Last year was not an especially strong love year but this will change by the end of September. Love is definitely happening. Singles will probably marry or have marriage opportunities. New and significant friends are coming into the picture, too.

Your most important interests in the coming year are home, family and domestic interests, emotional issues, friendships, group activities, spirituality, religion, higher education and travel, health and work until September 25th and love, romance and social activities after September 25th, 2019.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are health and work, finance, love and romance.

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Aries 2019 love horoscope

This is shaping up to be a banner love and social year. Both romance and friendships are blooming. First off, Venus, your Love Planet will make one of her rare (every two years or so) retrogrades (May 17th to June 29th, 2019). This means that a current relationship or your current love life in general, is getting re-evaluated.

A good thing, too. We need to review our relationships every two years or so. In many cases, a current love, perhaps even a marriage will dissolve. It will not be able to stand up to the scrutiny of your review.

Some relationships will survive, some will not. Those who are not in a relationship will be reviewing their needs and desires in love. Getting clear about what they really want. This will clear the decks for Jupiter’s beautiful transit through your 7th House of Love and Marriage beginning September 25th, 2019. Singles will meet significant others and marriage is likely. Marrieds will have more romance in their relationship, will attract new friends, will attend more weddings and parties and will probably travel more as a couple.2019 love astro predictions

The most active and happy social period will begin slightly before Jupiter’s move into your 7th House on September 22nd, 2019. This is when the Sun will enter the House of Marriage. Then, Jupiter on the 25th and Mars (your ruling Planet) on the 26th.

Like the classic Aries, you’re not waiting around for the phone to ring. You are out there letting people know you’re available or letting those who attract you know how you feel. You are the aggressor in love. This will be a period of intense social activity and it looks very happy.

Whether you are working on your first, second or even third marriage, all of you Aries have wonderful aspects and opportunities. All the relationships seem to be with ‘glamorous’ people, wealthy, educated, refined and lovers of travel. Those working towards a third marriage will meet someone more spiritual and creative. Wealth in and of itself is not such a big factor for you.

Though there is much happiness in love this year, the road is not completely smooth. A Solar Eclipse on October 14th, 2019 will test your current love. In some cases, the love could be a false start, merely a cosmic shot across the bows, preparing you for something even better in the future.

Your social aspects are strong well into next year and sometimes people need preparation before they meet real love. In most cases, the eclipse will just clear the air of misunderstandings and hesitancy. It forces the relationship either forward or breaks it off. It forces decisions.

The love life of a child of marriageable age is becoming much more stable than it has been. There is a serious relationship with a glamorous person and it could lead to marriage either this year or next year. Grandchildren of marriageable age need to be patient this 2019.

The status quo will probably prevail. The main challenge to love this year is the family obligations mentioned earlier. Somehow you have to balance these with your social urges. Gaining the approval of a parent could present a problem. Guilt over spending so much time socialising could present another but true love will prevail.

Aries 2019 Money and Career Horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power so money is not a big issue this year. I would read this as a good sign. Your finances are where you want them to be and you have no need to focus overly on this area. The Cosmos gives you leeway (but not the interest) to shape this area, as you will. Probably the status quo will prevail.

Other subtle signals in the Horoscope, however, are showing prosperity. Jupiter will be in your 6th House of Work well into September (until the 25th). This is good news for job seekers and for those who employ others. You are lucky on the work front and land dream-type job situations. Employers are expanding their work force. All of this denotes prosperity.

Professional investors should look at health care, pharmaceuticals and vitamin companies for profit opportunities. (Keep in mind that a personal Horoscope for your exact birthday, time and place could modify what is said here.) Job seekers should also look at these fields for job opportunities.

Venus is both your Money and Love Planet. She is a fast-moving planet and will move through most of the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in the year ahead. Finances will tend to fluctuate monthly. Financial opportunities will come from a variety of places and from a variety of people. We will deal with these short-term trends in the monthly forecasts as they appear.

Venus will spend four months in the Sign of Gemini this year. An unusually long time for her to be in any Sign. This would show profit opportunities through sales, marketing, PR, advertising, teaching and writing. Investors might want to look at the telecom, transportation and media industries during this period (April 3rd to August 7th).

Venus will be retrograde from May 17th to June 29th 2019, denoting a period where finances could be slower and more frustrating. This retrograde will not stop earnings but will introduce various delays and glitches. More financial homework will need to be done before making important financial commitments, major purchases or investments.

A Lunar Eclipse on October 28th 2019 occurs in your Money House. This would bring up financial flaws, unrealistic thinking and plans so that you can correct them. Often this happens as a financial crisis that highlights the ‘dirty laundry’ but the end result should be better than before.

On the career front, this is a year for setting up the foundations for future success. It is a year for career planning rather than career achievement. Dealing with emotional and family issues will take (and should take) priority over your career. Many of you will be able pursue a career from the home, the ideal situation this year or perhaps you might make your working environment, your office and work style, more home-like. When the Lord of the 10th House is in the 4th House , it is often difficult to distinguish between the home and the office.

One begins to resemble the other. The main challenge this year is to pursue a career from a place of emotional comfort. It’s not just about getting to the top but enjoying the ride there as well and this takes some planning.

Tax issues and debt burdens seem much easier than in previous years. There is greater ability to access outside capital either through borrowing or through outside investors. Debts are more easily paid but also more easily made. Children and your spouse are prospering this year. The income of parents maintains the status quo.

Health for Aries in 2019

Saturn will be in the Sign of Cancer all year and is making stressful aspects to you. This is not enough by itself to cause disease but, as mentioned, it does force you to respect your physical limits. Your overall energy is not as plentiful as you are used to and so you have to use what you have more efficiently. This will be even truer after September 25th, 2019 when Jupiter moves into a stressful alignment.

Much of the advice of last year applies now. Focus on priorities and essentials. Fewer activities but more important ones will lead you to your heart’s desire and not tire you out.

Listen to your body. Rest when you’re tired. Try to alternate activities rather than do one thing for hours on end. Work mentally for a few hours and then switch to physical activities and then to the emotional level. This alternation allows the different centres to recharge.

With Saturn in the Sign of Cancer, which rules the family and emotions, you need to be careful of depression. You are in a period where you know that you can’t express everything that you feel for it might not be safe or it could be hurtful to others.

You feel a need to manage your emotions. Often, management of emotions can lead to repression of feeling, which can lead to depression and other physical ailments. So, when you feel pent-up feelings either express them to a friend or therapist or write them out on paper and throw the paper away.

Some people get good results from talking out their feelings on a tape and then erasing the tape. These techniques are good in that they release the feelings without doing damage to anyone.

Saturn in the Sign of Cancer also suggests a need to be more careful in dietary matters. Your stomach, breasts and digestion are more sensitive this year. Consult a nutritionist about what to eat for everyone’s dietary needs are different but even if you are eating the right food, it’s important to eat them in the right way.

Calmly, peacefully and prayerfully. Saying grace before and after meals (in your own words and in your own way) will have powerful health benefits this year.

There are many natural, drugless ways to strengthen the stomach and the breasts. Most readers are probably familiar with them. Foot and hand reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, kinesiology, massage and herbology, just to name a few. Keeping the stomach and breasts fit will be powerful preventive medicine.

The health of family members especially parents has been a concern for a number of years. They could benefit from detox regimes and they seem more inclined to take on a disciplined regime these days. Health of children seems a concern too. They too, like you need to be more diet-conscious.

Family Forecast for Aries in 2019

A very important yet challenging area appears in the year ahead. Saturn, the Cosmic Drill Sergeant will be in your 4th House of Home and Family all year. There is great focus here.

Basically, you are getting training in handling tough emotional issues and family responsibilities. The specific scenarios can vary from individual to individual but the purpose here is to restructure and reorganise your emotional patterns and the way you handle moods.

You are going to learn what real ‘duty’ means when it comes to family. In some cases, this transit will show a separation from family that probably won’t be pleasant. It can show alienation because of a higher duty or a sense of higher duty to life.

Family life and family relationships are undergoing a ‘reality check’. Perhaps your attitudes were too permissive either because of false assumptions about the family or home life or because of other false beliefs. Now you will have to impose some order and discipline here and this can be unpleasant.

You have to make tough choices. You may have to use ‘corporate thinking’ or corporate methods in family life such as budgets, expenses, assigning roles and tasks to family members.

Perhaps you have been over controlling with the family. If so, you will see the results of this now and be forced to apply a more realistic order.

In many cases, this transit shows new family burdens or family responsibilities. A relative comes to stay in your house. A parent or child is ill and you must be the caretaker. A parent or in-law takes up residence and has special needs or begins to ‘take over’. You need to handle things ‘just so’. You can’t evade your duty. The Cosmos won’t let you but it is in the handling of it properly, justly and righteously that you will grow and develop.

Like last year, many of you are feeling cramped in your present quarters. You feel claustrophobic but changing residence these days is difficult and the best solution might be to make better use of the space you have or, as mentioned, impose more order in the home space wise.

The most important thing now is to discern whether the family duty is really yours for not all of it is yours. The responsibilities that are should be handled with joy. The ones that aren’t should be avoided. Bringing joy into sometimes unpleasant duties is not easy. It takes some doing but it will help you get through much easier. You should speak to yourself along these lines, ‘since I have to do this and there’s no way out, I may as well enjoy myself with it.’

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