Major Trends

In agreement with the cancer horoscope 2019, Saturn in your own sign is forcing you to confront physical limitations, restructure your self-image and self-concept and take on more responsibility. Like last year, this is a year for ‘doing the right thing’ regardless of how you feel.

Moods, sentiment and emotionality take a backseat to duty but if you handle things right and don’t shirk the challenges you will emerge a stronger, healthier and wealthier person. You will have grown spiritually and in character.

cancer 2019 horoscope

Like last year, this is a year for managing your energy and activities better. For being more serious and for being a long range, strategic thinker when it comes to yourself and your goals.

Like last year, this is very much an educational year for pursuing intellectual interests and developing your mind, intellect and overall knowledge.

After September 25th 2019 there will be a great focus on the home, family and emotional issues, always a big interest for you but now even more so. A new period of psychological growth and expansion is happening for you.

Foreign travel, religion and philosophy start to become very important this year and for many years to come. There is great religious upheaval in your life and mind. You are changing many of these concepts, breaking with tradition in many cases and striking out on your own in your religious life. This is a long-term process. For some, this has been going on for some time but for others it is just beginning.

Your most important interests in the year ahead are the body, image, personal appearance, communication and intellectual interests, home, family and emotional interests after September 25th and health and work, the deeper things of life, personal transformation, sexuality, past lives, life after death, reincarnation, religion, philosophy, foreign travel and higher education.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are communication and intellectual interests until September 25th home, family and emotional issues and after September 25th, friendships, group activities, organisations and astrology.

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Cancer 2019 love horoscope

Though your 7th House of Love and Marriage is mostly empty this year, love and romance are definitely priorities and on the cards, as reported by the cancer 2019 horoscooes. Saturn, your Love Planet is now in your own Sign and House. Love blooms. For singles there are marriage opportunities.2019 love astro predictions

With Saturn as your Love Planet you are not likely to rush into anything. You will let love grow and develop naturally. You know that marriage is a serious thing and you want to be sure everything is right before you enter into it.

When the Love Planet is in your own Sign and House, it shows that love is pursuing you. Nothing special you need to do except show up. In fact, it is practically impossible to avoid love this year. Your lover or spouse is going way out of his or her way to please you. He or she seems totally devoted to our interests and needs. He or she is on your side 100 percent.

You are especially aware of the duties and responsibilities involved with love this year. Love is not mere sensuous emotion and flowery sentiment. It is a sense of duty to the beloved and vice versa. These duties can keep both of you well occupied in the year ahead but again remember the injunctions about your energy. If you are weak or ill, you won’t be able to do your duty.

Your lover is someone established, perhaps older. Someone serious. Looks like a corporate type, a manager or executive. This person (or perhaps the family of this person) is of high status relative to you. Perhaps, through over devotion and from the highest of motives, he or she will try to over manage’ or micro-manage you. This could create some tension.

Marriage this year looks like a good career move, too. Your overall status in life and in society is elevated due to this partnership. The relationship seems ‘staid’ but safe and secure.

Those working towards a second marriage have completely opposite tendencies. Their love lives seem very unstable. Anything can happen at any time. Romance strikes like a lightning flash but it can end suddenly too. Affections change suddenly and mysteriously both for you and your lover.

I can see serial relationships for years to come. Marriage might not be advisable at this time. You’re playing the field and experimenting. You are also attracting lovers who feel the same way. Still, there’s a lot of fun and romantic excitement happening. The highs will be very high but the crashes can be ultra-low.

Those working towards a third marriage have a status quo year. Singles will tend to stay single. Marrieds will tend to stay married. Those working towards a fourth marriage have wonderful aspects. A marriage opportunity is there and likely to happen.

Cancer 2019 money & career horoscope

Neither your 2nd House of Finance nor your 10th House of Career are Houses of Power this year so you have much leeway in these areas. The Cosmos doesn’t push you one-way or the other. You can shape these areas, as you will. The only problem here is that, though you have more freedom, you lack the interest. Career and finances will tend towards the status quo.

The Sun is your Money Planet and he is a fast-moving planet. He will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Solar Horoscope in any given year. Earnings and financial opportunities will come in a variety of ways and means in the year ahead. Your financial needs will also vary month to month. The financial trends in the year ahead are short-term ones and will be covered more fully in the monthly forecasts.

Job seekers should look close to home in the neighbourhood this year. Neighbours and siblings can provide some good job leads or actually arrange for a job. Jobs in the health field look most promising in the year ahead. After September 25th, the job situation changes again.

This time you may have the opportunity to work from home, for the family or in a family-type business. Companies that cater for the home, that do home improvements, or sell property, or sell or make furniture are good to apply to. Jobs in the glamour industries such as hairstyling, hairdressing, perfume and fashion also seem like good prospects.

A Solar Eclipse on April 19th brings career changes but mainly for those of you born late in the Sign, July 10th to 21st, 2019.

Those who employ others should also look in the neighbourhood but I wouldn’t be surprised if you bring family members into the business after September 25th.

Your main focus this year especially after September 25th is to build the psychological infrastructure for your future career success. It is said that the Earth dreams in the winter and manifests her dreams in the forms of lush and original foliage in the spring and summer.

Though the winter looks bleak, nature is very active on an invisible level, preparing her new products. This is how you are now. You should be dreaming about and visualising future career goals, gaining clarity, doing the inner preparation, gaining the right knowledge so that when your career spring comes, manifestation will be natural.

This is a year that brings new communication equipment to you and probably a new car. After September 25th 2019, luxury items for the home (and perhaps even a new home) are coming your way.

Siblings are prospering and living the good life but their marriages and love lives are highly unstable. Family members are prospering. A parent (or parent figure in your life) has a sudden windfall. He or she will be doing more travelling as well.

Children need to cut expenses and get financially healthier. Debt could be a problem for them. Grandchildren of appropriate age are more interested in personal freedom than money. They can be unusually rebellious these days. Your lover or spouse will prosper this year but marketing and sales are unusually important.



Health is more delicate this year but with a strong 6th House, you are on top of things giving health issues the importance they deserve. This is a good Sign. You won’t let things get out of hand and grow into big problems.

A mere Saturn transit by itself (which is what’s happening for you this year) is not enough to cause disease but it does tend to lower overall vitality and if you get over-tired or ignore your body, you become more susceptible. This is a year for watching your physical energy.

For recognising your physical limits and staying within them. For managing your time and energy in a more efficient way. Simple common sense will prevent many problems. Rest when you’re tired. Delegate responsibility wherever possible. Don’t try to burn the candle at both ends.

Since new burdens and responsibilities are coming to you, there is a need to discern sharply what the true and real ones are. The tendency is to start accepting everything as your responsibility, and this would be wrong though perhaps noble in many cases.

It is wonderful to have high and noble moral standards but the Cosmos has other ideas. Your limits will dictate your responsibilities. It would be nice if each of us individually could feed the whole world and eliminate hunger but as individuals it is beyond our limits, so we must devise other ways of helping.

The Cosmos never demands more from a person than his or her ability at any given time. It is wise to remember this as you get bombarded with new duties. Do your best and then let go.

Like last year, this is a time for getting the self-concept and self-esteem in good order. If your concept of yourself and your abilities is unrealistically high, Saturn is going to give you a reality check. If unrealistically low, Saturn will raise it.

Saturn in your own Sign and 1st House will make you more able to take on disciplined health and dietary regimes. A very good year to lose weight. Pluto in your 6th House of Health is also helping you in that department.

Your Health Planet, Jupiter, is going to be in the health conscious Sign of Virgo for most of the year. This too is a positive health signal and it reinforces all that I’ve said above.

Your Health Planet in the 3rd House (until September 25th) shows that mental health is a vital factor in physical health. You need to feed your mind with the right nutrition just as you give your body its right nutrition. It is good now to read the great writers, poets and sacred scriptures of all cultures.

The mind feeds on wisdom and truth. Make sure your speech is positive and constructive especially when talking about your body and organs. Always praise them and think nice thoughts about them. Avoid excessive speech, wasteful speech, as this will sap energy needed by the body.

Emotional health is always a priority for you but come September 25th 2019, when the Health Planet moves into your 4th house, it becomes even more important. Chances are, if health problems arise, they come from family or domestic disharmonies. Try to clear up those things before taking drastic action.

Pluto, the Ruler of your 5th House of Joy, Entertainment, Love Affairs and Children, has been in your 6th house of Health for many years. This is showing many things. A creative hobby, the expression of your personal creativity has positive health benefits. The health of children is a concern.

You are as much concerned with their health as with your own but most importantly it shows that joy itself is the great healer and since the tendency this year will be to ‘great seriousness’, don’t forget the joy of life. Try to enjoy your responsibilities. Try to make them seem like a game.

Think of life’s problems as a crossword puzzle or logic problem to be solved, and think of the satisfaction that comes when you solve a problem. A night out on the town will, in many cases, do as much for you as a visit to a health professional.

Family forecast

Home and domestic issues are always a priority for you but little less so for most of the year but come September 25th, 2019 when Jupiter moves into your 4th House, the home and family start taking centre-stage again. Jupiter’s move into your 4th House is basically a happy transit for home life. It shows happiness from the family and good family support for your goals. Often it shows a move to larger residence or an expansion of the current home or the purchase of additional homes.

There is the fortunate purchase or sale of a home and property in general brings good fortune. The new revelation of a spiritual principle, something you always knew but didn’t know how to apply, often solves family or emotional problems. Suddenly, as if by magic, it is all clear to you.

Under a Jupiter transit, luxury items tend to come for the home. New furniture or new equipment (probably relating to health). Many of you will set up home offices and have opportunities to earn from home. Family members tend to prosper as well.

The family circle gets enlarged in the year ahead (and well into next year). There are new births, marriages in the family or the meeting of people who are like family to you. Those who are estranged from their biological families often link up with their spiritual families under this transit.

Jupiter is your Health Planet. His move into your 4th House shows that you are working to make the home a healthier place. Health hazards will be removed. You are more careful about the food the family eats. You buy health gadgets. Some of you will install exercise equipment and the like. The purity of the air and water supply becomes an important interest.

A Solar Eclipse on October 14 , 2019 shows major and long-term changes in the home and the domestic pattern. Often this signals the sale or purchase of the home or the need to make important repairs and renovations. Short term it is disruptive but long term the result is good.

Venus, your Family Planet, will make a rare retrograde from May 17th to June 29th. This is not a time for making major decisions about the home, selling or buying a home or making any major investments in the home. According to cancer 2019 astrology forecast , this is a period for research but not for action.

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