Major Trends

ou are in an important period in your life development whilst Saturn remains in Leo until September 2020.

As we begin the year of 2019 finding this planet in backwards motion until 5 April, you may find your progress this year is delayed until then or you do not feel ready for a new challenge until after this date.

You may be working on your effectiveness, or restructuring your life in some way and this first few months is necessary to find your feet so to speak.

Depending on your age you will be doing different things with its influence, but around the following ages more important – 14-15, 29-31, 43-45 and 58-60. If over 30 you will get more benefit from using your previous experience, if under you are still developing yourself this year.

Be very realistic in June and again in October when your plans and reputation could be challenged by authority.

Opportunities :
Saturn rewards those who are discerning and who adopt a responsible position in their lives and even though you have to be aware of taking on too much responsibility what you do this year is likely to be noticed by other people.

Mars in Leo from June 4 to July 23 is a time for hard work with more enthusiasm and until this time you may feel you are still preparing for something. The Sun will be in Leo from 23 July to 23 August and you need to shine personally in this time.leo 2019 astrology predictions
Saturn again can be the hard taskmaster as it will make the inappropriate actions, or parts of your life not working, difficult for you until you attend to them.

Love horoscope

2019 love astro predictions
With Neptune in your relationship sector you can have some odd experiences with others in 2019.

On the positive side some truly inspirational people enter your life as early as February/March and you can benefit by their knowledge.

There is the other side though and some will feel let down by relying on other people with July a month to be aware of this.

 Money and career

This area is open to fluctuation and you would be wise to take advantage of your earning potential in April, August and then big time late in the year.

Venus in Leo from 13 August until 6 September can boost your financial area, but it can also be the time when you spend more.

Mars has been in your professional and employment sector since July 2018 and will finally leave mid February.

You begin this year with lots to do. Mars in Leo though is likely to be the time when you feel more drive and enthusiasm for the work you do, probably because by this time (June 4 to July 23) you have changed your daily schedule.


Saturn in your sign is inclined to bring up old physical problems, especially with your back that you may have to take notice of.

From time to time you can experience periods of low vitality and if so realize you are not working effectively but putting additional and unnecessary pressure on your body. It is the sort of year that forces you to look at your health. Programs that strengthen both your mind and body are best.

2019 Horoscopes Month by Month


January could bring you opposition and delay regarding plans involving others. Vigorous activity in the home can make positive use of your energy; enjoy sharing active experiences with loved ones.

You have loads of energy for at-home projects. You could be pushed to work harder than you should during January. You feel industrious and efficient, ready to take on the most difficult and tedious tasks if everyone would just let you to do it your way.

You’re mentally well-organized now, and have the power to establish better good-health habits. Later in the month, your close personal ties are highlighted. You might even see an improvement in your interactions with your enemies – it would be a great time to end old feuds.


The Lion is as busy as a bee when February begins. Expect to be entertained by family events and dinners out with friends from the 1st through the 2nd, but be prepared for your emotions to get the best of you on the 3rd.

Jealousy could be a factor in a love relationship on the 4th, but make sure you take the time to hear both sides of the story — you should know by now that seeing isn’t always synonymous with believing.

Shed your emotional baggage in time to do something unpredictable and adventurous on the 6th and 7th, Leo — your logical side takes over on the 9th, so it’s best to let your wild side run rampant before then.

Self-control is an absolute must again on the 15th through 17th, however — rushing ahead before you’re ready on these days could result in seriously negative consequences. Watch what you say and who you say it to from the 20th through the 22nd.

If you find that you’re the target of a practical joke sometime between the 26th through 28th, the Universe gives you permission to seek creative — but not cruel — revenge.


You want everything to be intense and powerful; superficial experiences hold no interest.

Relationships started now are likely to be highly emotional. Existing relationships might go through heavy changes that could revolutionize your life, possibly in a very good way.

Whatever line of work you’re in, your influence is on the rise, and opportunity comes knocking. Your good reputation is worth more than any amount of money, and you can use it now to full advantage.

Be optimistic but be careful, too. Along with expansion comes extra responsibility and work – don’t overcommit. Later this month you may feel motivated to take charge.

If you decide to start an independent project, you won’t mind struggling to make it a success. Because you feel so personally invested, you might resent it if someone tries to help (or interfere).


You can influence and persuade effectively this month. You also feel motivated to defend your point of view, but you’ll do better if you curb this urge. Instead, try to see the other guy’s side of it.

Postpone pending legal proceedings if possible. February could bring you to the attention of a supervisor or other authority. Such notice can be very helpful; benefits flow to you without your having to chase them.

Be patient; the influence may not be obvious until the spring. Then you can gain influence and position easily. Just stay focused.

This month will possibly stimulate you to face up to some deeper, ongoing issues between you and your significant other. It can turn out well if you relax; your main goal should be to increase the harmony between you, letting go of petty concerns that get in the way.


You can make a good time out of almost anything in May, including an intense couple of work days on the 1st and 2nd — you are able to stay focused through the toughest challenges as long as you know that there will be a great reward when you reach your goal.

Expanding your mind to include new ways of doing things is possible on the 4th through the 6th, but you’re likely to cling to what you know on the 7th and 8th. A boost of energy has you playing in the big leagues on the 9th through the 11th, but an unexpected expense could stop the game abruptly on the 12th or 13th.

Don’t let this budgetary setback ruin your entertainment plans for the rest of the month, Leo — you have the skills to convince someone with a lot of cash to invest in your ideas on the 18th and 19th.

Although being seen at all the best parties may be your number one priority from the 23rd through the 26th, you’re in the mood for something deeper from the 27th through the 31st.


You have significant help bringing completion to long-term plans, as well as the opportunity to review and revise methods.

Delays are likely, so be patient. Past errors or misdeeds have probably been made public in recent months. Resolve to do better in the future and all will be well. June may bring up issues regarding the various groups in your life, whether social, familial, religious, or professional. It’s time to explore these areas.

You’ll learn more about yourself and your commitments, while accomplishing something significant. The influence later in June can cause you to give the wrong impression, so stay away from controversy and be super diplomatic.

Do something dynamic – take the initiative, although it may offset potential difficulties. Physical exercise helps minimize the ravages of stress


It’s a month of fascinating personal events for Leos. June increases your enthusiasm for high principles, new ideas as June begins; this makes you attractive to others. Love is a powerful force.

Romance and creative expression lead you. Both the public and private sides of your life benefit this month. Interests in causes you share with others move you to center stage. You take charge on the 14th.

Luck comes to you when you use your native executive abilities to organize groups that favor forward-looking ideals. There is much momentum in events you take part in this June. Partners step up to help you out.


Happy birthday Leo’s. You are full of vigor and enthusiasm as August begins. The only thing you have to be careful of on the 1st through the 5th is being too egotistical for your own good.

Even though you’re dying to share the details of your newfound healthy lifestyle on the 5th and 6th, try to hold off on plugging your new eating plan or fitness routine. Vanity is forced to take a back seat as your career takes center stage on the 10th. Pay close attention to what your colleagues are saying about you, Leo — the buzz might not be as positive as you think.

It’s important to find out who your friends are now because you’re going to need a strong shoulder to cry on when your heightened sensitivity level on the 15th and 16th could lead to emotional distress. The end of the month brings deeper self-awareness and contemplation.

Take some time on the 23rd and 24th to rethink your goals for the future. If your ego is getting in the way of your dreams, make the necessary attitude adjustments. If you help someone else on the 28th and 29th instead of being so self-involved, the solution to a long-term problem should be available by the 31st.


Pay attention to your daily habits in the first two weeks; you’re likely to feel a bit lazy and self-indulgent. The only harm in this is that it might prevent you from reaching certain goals.

A minor wardrobe makeover might be a good idea if you can afford it. September brings the potential for short-term romantic misunderstandings. Working with a counselor could help. Allow for distractions and confusion in any joint venture or legal matter.

These energies call for you to come from the heart, not the ego. Old patterns of behavior can be at the root of disagreements this month. You could feel irritable and not really know why. If so, give thought to where it might be coming from – this could help you avoid unnecessary unpleasantness.


Everything you do has to be intense this month; superficial experiences won’t interest you. Any relationships you begin are likely to be very compelling and emotional, perhaps even obsessive.

Even your existing relationships might go through heavy changes. Be more sensitive and less impulsive. Your income could be restricted by events beyond your control. Don’t worry – you’ll soon be back on track, with your super go-getter attitude. Make good use of any down time by joining a professional organization – you can make significant contacts.

Your hopes for a brighter future expand and can come to fruition if you start planning now. Instead of looking for your own advantage, think about what you have to give! You’re idealistic and generous these days, embracing an exciting new viewpoint that might eventually bring you to prominence.


The Full Moon on the 1st occurs in Taurus, your 10th Solar House giving you focus on career goals and the second Full Moon of the month in Gemini, your 11th Solar House gives focus to social and scientific goals.

By the 8th the overwhelming majority of planets will be in the western sector of your chart. Your 7th House of Love is powerful and active, but you need to be a diplomat this month. Good comes from other people now and you need their good graces.

Love is active but more unstable that it has been. Power struggles threaten a current relationship and a friendship with passionate eruptions becoming more frequent. Family adds fuel to the fire.

Your lover resents your attachment to your family. A current relationship could dissolve and something new come in. But if there is something real and solid here, the struggles and explosions could lead to new highs.

The potential for power struggles and arguments could certainly heighten your stress levels, so try and get enough rest and relaxation. Massage or reflexology would be good investments this month.


Turn your restlessness into something positive by helping out a friend or neighbor on the first three days of December, Leo.

Although you crave recognition for your good deeds on the 4th and 5th, you should let a simple ‘thank you’ suffice rather than looking for continuous pats on the back.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you on the 6th, 7th and 8th — it’s important to keep in mind that cravings for certain foods could be the result of a deficiency of certain vitamins in your system. A crisis at work may keep you burning the midnight oil from the 11th through the 17th, but look for your hard work to pay off by the 18th.

Let your intuition guide you when the Moon moves into Pisces on the 20th, especially concerning other people’s problems. Don’t give advice unless asked for it on the 21st and 22nd, however, unless you want to spend the 23rd and 24th apologizing for being out of line.

Surprise someone who thinks you’re predictable by doing something out of character on the 27th, 28th or 29th, but try not to go out of your way to call attention to yourself on the 30th.