Major Trends

After going through 2017 and 2018, this year is a breeze. Almost all of the long-term planets have moved from their stressful alignment with you. Health and overall vitality are good.

Last year was a strong financial year and this trend continues for most of the year ahead. This is a year of prosperity.

Love and social activities have been important for many years now and this trend continues in 2019. The major headline here is your Love Planet’s move (permanent this time) from your 7th House into your 8th House. This move will both spiritualise and stabilise your love life.

Last year, Saturn moved into your 12th House of Spirituality, showing a need to get this department of life in good order. Intuition and spiritual teachings need verification in experience. There needs to be a scientific and practical slant on these things. Spiritual phenomena must be made tangible and useful in your everyday life. This trend is continuing this year.

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Pluto has been in your 5th House of Children, Love Affairs, Joy and Creativity for many years now. It will be there this year too and for years to come. Your personal creativity is being revamped and reformed, getting deepened. Your sense of what the joy of life is, an important subject for you, is also being transformed.

Your areas of greatest interest in the year ahead are finance, communication and intellectual interests until September 25th. After September 25th, children, creativity, love affairs and fun, love and romance, sex, death and rebirth, reincarnation, life after death, occultism and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are career and finance until September 25th and communication and intellectual interests after September 25th.


As mentioned, almost all of the long-term planets are either leaving you alone or in harmonious aspect to you. So health is good. Now that Uranus has moved out of Aquarius permanently this year, health is much better than last year. Those who have had health problems recently should hear good news on that front.

Your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power in 2019, which I read as a positive health signal. You have little interest in health issues because you have no need to be interested. You feel fine. Saturn is your Health Planet. On a general level, Saturn rules the spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment. These areas should always be given more attention. Health problems, should they appear, are likely to begin there. Keeping them fit is powerful preventive medicine.

Since June last year, Saturn has been in the Sign of Cancer, which rules the stomach and the breasts. So these organs need more attention in the year ahead. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with them but keeping them fit is a powerful preventive.

Your Health Planet in the Sign of Cancer all year suggests diet and dietary issues are more important than usual but just as important as what you eat is how you eat. Meals should be eaten in a relaxed, calm and prayerful way.

Saturn rules your health from your 12th House of Spirituality. This suggests many things. Many of you will be more involved with spiritual healing and spiritual healing techniques, speaking of the word, prayer, laying on of hands, meditation and the like. You are likely to get very good results from these types of spiritual therapies. Often this position shows much concern about the health of a partner or spouse or being very much involved in your spouse’s health. Often this position shows that intuition is being trained (in the year ahead) through health issues. Most importantly it shows that good health means a strong connection with the Great Life Power within. As long as the connection is strong, health will tend to be good. If the connection gets weak or blurred, health tends to suffer.

When the Health Planet is in the 12th House there is a need to recognise the source of all healing and there is one and only one source. The Great Life Power Within. In this experience we learn that all the methodologies and techniques that are available are secondary to this. If the Life Power has granted healing then almost every therapy will work but if healing has not been granted (or not been accessed from within) there is nothing that will work. This is the lesson of the 12th House.

The health of your lover or spouse seems much improved over recent years. Health of children seems status quo. Health of grandchildren seems excellent and if there have been problems recently there should be good news. Likewise with the health of parents or parent figures. There is good news on the health front.

Family Forecast

Like last year, your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power. You have great freedom to mould this area, as you will. Usually, though, the status quo tends to be maintained.

Pluto is your Family Planet. He has been in the Sign of Sagittarius, your Solar 5th House, for many years now and will continue there for many more years to come. This shows that your focus these days is on children and not so much the physical aspects of your home. Your home life revolves around the children and since Pluto is now well aspected, this area of life is a lot happier than it has been in the past few years but your Home Planet in the 5th House is showing other things as well. It shows the need to enjoy the daily domestic routine more. Not so easy to do, as much of it is boring and tedious. Yet your challenge is to make it fun, to make a game of it, to inject joy into it. In many cases the home itself is being transformed into a ‘place of joy’. Perhaps you are entertaining more from home. Perhaps you are buying home entertainment systems, getting all the latest channels from your cable or satellite company. Perhaps you are buying more toys for the children and also more adult toys. By the time you’re finished you won’t need to leave the house to pursue entertainment. Everything will be right there at home.

Not only are you creating a playground at home but we also see much more religion and education happening at home. There is a strong urge to teach religious, philosophical and ethical principles to the children. Many of you are strongly focused on their university education, preparing them for university even when the children are very young. By the way, their university prospects seem much better than they were a few years ago. The main danger in all these areas is being overly pushy. Being too pushy, even for a good thing, often has reverse consequences. It is counter-productive to discuss higher religious or moral ideas when the child is not in the right state, when he or she is upset, angry or depressed. When they’re like that, give them a platitude or two and give comfort but if you’re alert you will find times when the child is receptive, attuned to these things and then you can teach or discuss.

Those of you who have children in secondary school should try to educate them by artistic means, through the creative arts. Painting, music and dance all contain the highest principles of science and mathematics as well as many other principles. Audio books and videos will work better for them than standard textbooks. The children are learning in a more intuitive way these days and the things that spark their intuition will work best.

A Lunar Eclipse on May 14th shows a long-term change in the domestic pattern. Perhaps there is an emotional blow-up with family members that clears the air and allows for a newer pattern to emerge later on. Often, long-buried flaws in the home are revealed so that you can fix them.

If you need to make home repairs or are thinking of renovating or redecorating, October 23rd to December 25th seems best. Beautifying the home and especially buying objects of beauty for the home goes best from November 22nd to December 12th.

Leo 2019 love horoscope

The love aspects began changing last year as the Love Planet flirted with the Sign of Pisces, sometimes moving forward into it and sometimes moving backwards to the past. This pretty much describes how you felt about love this past year. Should I launch out into the new? Should I say with what I know? Should I go with this new person? Should I stick with what I have? This year, the decision is made. You are launching out into the new. Love attitudes and needs are also changing dramatically. For many years you craved mere excitement and change. Your love life was a giant soap opera with new episodes weekly. In truth, you liked it that way. Now, with the Love Planet’s move into your 8th House and the Sign of Pisces, we may start to see more stability here. Definitely, love is becoming more spiritual. First off, you are looking for a more spiritual connection with your lover. Second, you are seeing romance as part of your spiritual path. With the Love Planet in the 8th House, love is not just about a good time but is a way through which you and your lover are going to transform yourselves, re-invent yourselves into the people that you want to be. You are attracting lovers or partners who have these same interests.

Transformation includes many areas. The poor person who wants to become wealthy must transform from within. The overweight or addicted person who wants to overcome these things must transform from within. The person of low status who wants a higher status must transform from within. Usually it is difficult to achieve these things alone. We need outside help. People who understand the process and know how to co-operate with it. These people are coming to you through your social life. They can appear as friends but more likely as lovers or partners. Marriage itself is one of the great transforming experiences. It’s as if the individual dies and a new sense of ‘we’ or ‘us’, the partnership, the relationship is born. Many Leos will marry in the years ahead.

Marriage is more recommendable than it has been for many, many years. The wandering is over. The experiments have all been performed. Time to settle down.

Sex and physical intimacy is always an important part of any love relationship but for you it seems even more important, perhaps the most important part. This will continue for many more years. The hot sexual chemistry will keep you and your beloved together as you make the exciting but explosive journey of transformation.

Both you and your lover seem very interested in finance but for different reasons. Your lover seems interested in moneymaking, a big priority, for many years to come. You are interested in that the more money your lover or spouse makes, the greater will be his or her generosity towards you.

Leos who are working towards a second marriage have a status-quo year. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. The same is true for those working towards a third marriage.

Children of marriageable age have a status-quo year. Marriage might not be recommendable at this time, as there is much personal transformation going on with them. Grandchildren of marriageable age have wonderful marriage aspects. They will either marry or enter into a significant relationship later on in the year.

Leo 2019 money and career horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is an important House of Power this year. There is great interest in this area of life and this of itself leads to prosperity but more importantly, you have Jupiter moving through your Money House for most of the year. The prosperity that began last year continues further.

One couldn’t ask for better financial aspects than to have both Jupiter and the Lord of the 5th House (Jupiter) in one’s Money House. It not only shows financial prosperity, the increase in value of one’s existing assets but more importantly, it shows ‘happy money’. Money that is earned happily and joyfully and that brings happiness. We all know the old saying that ‘money doesn’t bring happiness’ and there is much truth there but for you, this money is happy. You are enjoying your existing wealth more. Spending freely (though hopefully not too freely) and enjoying yourself. Speculations are favourable (though you should only do this under intuition). Money comes to you as you pursue leisure activities or through your personal creativity. What can be more fun than that? Professional artists or performers should have a banner year. Athletes will do well, too. Those of you in the business world will probably be more involved in entertaining clients or associates, showing them a good time and getting paid for it. Professional investors should look at utilities, gold, energy companies, publishing and health care stocks. Don’t automatically rush in and buy but study these sectors, follow their prices and be on the alert for opportunities.

Perhaps the most important thing that’s happening is your expansion of financial knowledge and insight. Financial principles suddenly become clear to you and you see how to enter your financial ‘promised land’.

One important key is that you seem to take the stress and anxiety out of moneymaking. You are relaxed about it and this, of itself, allows new financial ideas to come to you.

On a generic level, Jupiter rules higher education. Many of you will be investing in your education, which will lead to greater earnings later on. Many Leos will be taking seminars and courses on finance this year and it seems the right thing to do. Many more will be exploring the religious and metaphysical aspects of wealth. Very recommendable.

Jupiter will leave your Money House after September 25th. By then you will probably have attained your financial goals and will be ready to focus on other things like the pursuit of your intellectual interests. Many of you will be buying new cars after September 25th and new communication equipment, top-notch stuff!

Children are prospering this year. Many Leos are investing in the children this year. This too is a good long-term investment. Grandchildren have a status-quo financial year. One thing that could hamper earnings is getting into a moneymaking contest with your spouse, lover or partner. It isn’t necessary and will only obstruct the prosperity of both. More thought needs to be given to a business partnership for it seems unstable.

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