Major Trends

According to libra 2019 horoscope, for the past few years, life has been pretty much a party but now it’s down to business. Career and ambitions are important. Very demanding. Very exacting. Only hard work and real achievement bring success. Along with this is the need to somehow balance family demands with your career. More on this later.

The party will resume after September 25th when Jupiter moves into your own Sign but you will have to balance the good life with a demanding career.

Last year, many of you were trying to make your work more enjoyable. Many of you made good progress. This urge and trend will continue in the year ahead and the aspects look good for it. The idea seems to be to make work like play and play like work.


Jupiter moved into your 12th House of Spirituality last year, making it a very spiritual year. Many of you took on spiritual disciplines and began serious studies. Those already on a path received much revelation and knowledge. This trend continues in the year ahead.

Jupiter’s move into your own Sign brings prosperity and good fortune later on in the year. The spiritual expansion that you’ve been experiencing, mostly within, will translate into outer, tangible effects then. You will be optimistic, happy, jovial and grateful. There will be much personal pleasure and sensual delight.

Your most important areas of interest in the year ahead are spirituality, the body, image, personal appearance and personal pleasure until September 25th and after September 25th communication and intellectual interests, children, love affairs and creativity, health, work and career.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment are sex, personal transformation, helping others to prosper, paying off debt, the study of the deeper things of life and spirituality until September 25th and the body, the image, the appearance and personal pleasure after September 25th.

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Libra 2019 love horoscope

Libras are always interested in love and romance but this year less so than usual. Your 7th House is not a House of Power this year. You have more freedom and latitude in this department. You have the opportunity to shape this area, as you will. Usually, the status quo prevails. Marrieds tend to stay married and singles tend to stay single. I read this as contentment with things as they are. Everything is OK so there is no need to make any major changes.2019 love astro predictions

Your 11th House of Friends is also empty this year (only the short-term planets will move through and only briefly). This too shows a status-quo year. Everything is OK and friendships will more or less continue as they have been.

On September 25th, Jupiter will move into your own Sign of Libra. This means a more romantic period for the world in general but for you, I read this as more romance within your current relationship.

Mars is your Love Planet and he will move through nine of the 12 Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in the year ahead. He will not tarry in any Sign or House for too long. This shows that romantic opportunities will come in a variety of ways this year. The needs and attitudes in love will shift periodically. We (You and I.) will deal with these issues in the monthly forecasts.

A Solar Eclipse on April 19th, 2019 will test the current marriage or relationship but this will not affect all Libras, only those born from October 10th to October 23rd, 2019.

Libras working towards a second marriage have a status quo year. If they are married they will probably stay married and if single they will stay single. Those working towards a third marriage likewise but those working towards a fourth marriage have wonderful opportunities happening after September 25. This could be with a neighbour (perhaps a new neighbour) or someone involved in your educational life and interests.

One of your parents (or parent figures) is much more socially aggressive this year. He or she is reaching out to others, conducting a charm offensive, working to make new friends and to attract love. These efforts seem to bear fruit.

Children of marriageable age have a status-quo love year. They are very idealistic about love and perhaps there are few humans who can live up to their standards.

Grandchildren of marriageable age are having crises in their relationships. If married, the marriage is in trouble. If single, the current relationship is in crisis. They are in the process of transforming their love attitudes now and when this happens, current relationships get destabilised.

Libra 2019 money and career horoscope

Though your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power and you don’t seem very interested in these things, this is nevertheless going to be a prosperous year. It could be that your lack of interest, your neutrality to finance, your relaxation about it, is actually helping prosperity to happen.

For a few years there was much stress on your Financial Planet, Pluto but this situation changed last year. Saturn moved out of Gemini and into Cancer, away from the stressful aspect. Financial goals are attained with wonderful ease.

Money is earned through communication (one of your important strong points). I see this in so many ways. Your Financial Planet, Pluto is in your 3rd House of Communication. The Lord of the 3rd House, Jupiter, will move into your own Sign on September 25th. Communication is where the profits lie for you. This can manifest in hosts of ways through teaching, marketing, sales, writing, lecturing, PR and advertising activities and the like. Also, you have special insight, a special feeling for telecommunications, advertising and media industries as an investor. Professional investors should certainly study these industries more.

If you have a service or product, the path to profits is to market it effectively. New avenues for this will open up after September 25th, 2019.

Writers will sell more of their writings and increase their readership. Teachers will have more and better opportunities to teach and to reach a wider audience. Many Libras will receive teaching offers.

Jupiter’s move into your 1st House (after September 25th) will bring a new wardrobe (and a good one) and luxury personal items such as jewellery or accessories.

Job seekers have a more challenging period but this need not be the case if you understand what’s going on. As mentioned, there is a need to enjoy one’s work these days. This is the main thrust for many years to come. There is a fear of getting stuck in any one job or in any one place of employment. So we see a constant upgrading of the job situation. No sooner do you think that you have ‘the dream job’ when another even ‘dreamier’ job opportunity offers itself. There are many, many job changes in the year ahead, both within your present company and with different companies. The joy of the work motivates you more than the pay.

With Uranus in your 6th House of Work, the freelance lifestyle seems most appealing. You work for yourself but your assignments vary all the time. You have more freedom and latitude with your time and work habits. Many of you will be choosing the freelance life these days. Many will take the ‘temp route’. They will sign up with temporary employment agencies and take many temporary assignments rather than full-time, steady work for one employer.

Of course, the best solution would be to find work that you are passionate about and that allows for maximum personal freedom. Stay on the look out for these kinds of opportunities.

Career is important this year and we see much progress but through hard work. Even those of you who choose the freelance lifestyle cannot succeed without some personal discipline. You must adopt a schedule and have goals and stick to them. Without discipline, the freelance lifestyle is just a synonym for unemployment.

Jobs and job opportunities happen spontaneously, suddenly, out of the blue, when you least expect it. There will be times when you are working VERY hard, where the work pace is frantic and demanding and there will be times when there is almost nothing to do. There are unusually strong extremes in your work situation.

Those who employ others have a more challenging year, as there is great instability in the workforce. Your company is like a revolving door. Workers come and they go. Hard to know who will be available for what day but this instability can be handled if you are calm. There is always a solution for each incident.


Health is basically good this year but not as robust as it has been in the past few years. Last year, Saturn began moving into a stressful alignment with you and this trend is in effect all year. Happily, your 6th House of Health is strong this year showing that you are not taking things for granted and that you are giving your health the attention it deserves. This of itself is a wonderful health signal.

Still, you need to be conscious of your physical limits this year. This is not a year for burning the candle at both ends though you will be sorely tempted. The urge nowadays is to work hard and play hard but you will have to set limits on both.

Uranus makes a major move into your 6th House of Health this year. Last year he flirted back and forth between your 5th and 6th Houses and was not really established in either. Now, he is. Health will be an important priority in your life for many years to come.

Uranus is a very experimental planet. He is the planet of the new, the unconventional and the untried. (Your Health Planet, Neptune, is in the experimental and unconventional Sign of Aquarius.) This shows that you are very experimental in health matters this year.

Orthodox medicine, orthodox techniques or therapies are not for you. You like the new, the untried, the revolutionary. You like experimenting with the latest pills, herbal supplements, miracle foods, organic juices, yoga postures, etc. Your cupboard will look like a huge medicine chest, overflowing with bottles of vitamins, potions, pills and drops. It costs a fortune but you don’t care. You have a passion for pills. Since the aspects are favourable, much new knowledge and insight will come from these ventures.

Though you are generally popular and love social acceptance, you are considered a bit eccentric when it comes to your health.

Neptune, as your Health Planet shows the importance of keeping your feet in good order. It shows the need to wear proper shoes, get regular foot massages and make regular barefoot contact with the ground, the grass and the soil.

Neptune in an Air Sign shows the importance of fresh air, breezes and winds for overall health. Correct breathing is unusually important these days, too. Breathing exercises will yield positive health results. If you feel under the weather, just go out in the fresh air and let the breezes play on you. You’ll feel much better.

Air rules thought and communication so there is a need to stock your mind with the right ideas and thoughts and to purge it of all that is false. It is also good to cultivate ‘friendships of the mind’. People with whom you can communicate your ideas and insights. Blocked communication blocked mental development can impact your health. If you have no one to discuss things with, keep a diary and write your thoughts out there.

This is a year (and for many years to come) for taking responsibility for your own health. Your body is unique. It has its own particular quirks. You will learn that there are almost no universal rules of diet or therapies that work for everyone all the time. Learn about your own body but this learning will be through personal experiment and with much trial and error.

Your best overall health periods will be from January 21st to February 18th, May 21st to June 21st and September 23rd to October 23rd,2019.

Your most stressful overall health periods will be from January 1st to January 19th, March 21st to April 21st, June 21st to July 22nd and December 21st to December 31st. Be sure to rest and relax more during these periods.

The health of parents or parent figures is more delicate this year. They need to rest and relax more and keep their energies as high as possible. Detox regimes will do them good.

The health of children is also more delicate. The spine, knees, skeletal alignment and teeth need more attention. They will benefit much from spiritually orientated therapies.

Family Forecast

Though your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power, this area of life seems important for other reasons. Your Family Planet, Saturn is the most elevated planet in the Horoscope this year. He is prominent by his position. You are giving much priority here. It is high on your agenda.

The main challenge is somehow blending the comforts of home with a successful career. When the Lord of the 4th is in the 10th House of Career (as it is now), the distinctions between home and career get blurred. Often under this influence we see people who have home offices. It’s as if they live in their ‘office’. Those who have offices outside the home will set things up to be more ‘homely’. Some people will make the home and family their career. They will take this option. They will see this as a valid lifework, an important contribution to society. Others will try to set up (or work for) family businesses.

Many will apply corporate methods to the home. There will be strict accounting, formalised roles and duties, schedules, budgeting, cash flow analysis, etc. and there will be an incorporation of family values in their business employees are like family members, they are cared for, there is unconditional love and support for them. These kinds of things don’t happen overnight but as a process. This is what the year is all about.

Aside from this integration of home and career, your family situation seems status quo. No moves are on the horizon though you have free will to do this if you want. The Cosmos is not pushing you to move, though.

With the Lord of the 4th House of Home and Family in the 10th House of Career, your overall ambitions are becoming less personal. Your ambitions are for the family as a whole and, often, the status of the family as a whole rises.

Children are an important interest this year. Libras of childbearing age will want more children after September 25th and the aspects for this look good. They are more fertile.

As mentioned, the health of children is a concern but ultimately all will work out here. In general, children seem more sensitive these days. They are idealistic. They dream dreams and see visions. These should be listened to with respect. In many cases, they have spiritual messages for their parents. They should be educated in more creative ways these days, more through the arts. They can handle book learning but they need the arts, too.

The best periods for redecorating the home or buying objects of beauty for the home are from January 14th to February 8th, August 7th to September 6th and November 22nd to December 16th,as reported by the virgo 2019 horoscope.

The best periods for doing heavy construction, remodelling or renovations in the home will be from May 7th to June 28th and from November 16th to December 25th.

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