Major Trends

Last year, Uranus, the planet of sudden and revolutionary change, was flirting with your Sign. This was merely a preview of the next seven years. This year 2019, Uranus enters your Sign for good and he is now established in your Sign. You are entering a period of revolutionary and wild change.

Life is going to be very exciting now but also very hectic. The past is over with. Old, established patterns and routines are over with. You are breaking with all tradition and going off into the wild blue yonder to experiment on your own. Astrology becomes ever more important in your life.

pisces 2019 horoscope forecast

Spirituality, always important, becomes even more so. If you have been in a repressive environment these past few years, the break out is going to be spectacular. Perhaps you will overly rebel. There is a new sense of personal freedom happening only, don’t overdo it. Keep it all constructive.

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Last year was a banner love and social year, and the trend continues for most of the year ahead. Marriage, significant relationships and new friendships are happening. Business partnership is also happening. This is a year for paying off your debts, cutting expenses and getting financially healthier. More on this later.

Saturn moved into your 5th Solar House last April and will be there all the year ahead. There is a need to discipline children better and to make your creativity more practical and useful in the world. A love affair (outside of marriage) is probably ending and this could be because you are now into something much more serious.

Health is good but will improve even further after September 25th. During this period there will be a renewed interest in the deeper things of life. Reincarnation, life after death, death and rebirth.

Your major areas of interest in the year ahead are spirituality, home and family, creativity, children, love affairs and fun, love and romance until September 25th and debt and repayment, taxes, helping others prosper, estate issues, the deeper things of life after September 25th 2019.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are communication and intellectual interests, love and romance, sex, death and rebirth, debt and repayment of debt, past lives, reincarnation, life after death after September 25th and home and family from May 17th to August 7th 2019.


Pisces 2019 love horoscope

As mentioned, Jupiter’s transit through your 7th House of Love and Marriage is showing great social expansion, a happy (and profitable) social life and marriage or marriage opportunities in the year ahead.

Marriage or a serious relationship is definitely there for you but the question is whether it is advisable. Uranus in your 1st House is definitely complicating your social life for it gives great urges for ‘personal freedom’. It gives a dislike for commitment and often it makes the personal and social life unstable. Hard to manage a serious relationship if you are never in one place for too long and don’t know where you’ll be from month to month or week to week.2019 love astro predictions

Difficult to manage a serious relationship when you are constantly changing your image and self -definition and upgrading to new and better models of you. The partner might have fallen in love with one version but then finds that he or she is very soon dealing with a whole other version!

Conforming to the pisces 2019 horoscopes, in many cases, this will indicate serial love affairs and serious ones. In other cases, it will show one relationship but with many ups and downs. Those involved romantically with a Pisces should expect much change but also much excitement.

In many cases, these contradictory tendencies (personal freedom, breaking out and the desire for a serious relationship) are showing the end of one long-term relationship and the beginning of a new one. Difficult choices have to be made this year. Do you opt for personal freedom and let go of your career? Do you let go of committed love or perhaps you will choose career and love and let go of some personal freedom.

This 2019, you are mixing with the high and the mighty with people of prestige and power, with people who are above you in social or professional status. In fact, your new relationship seems to be with someone very prominent could be a boss at work or someone high on the social scale.

People of wealth and power, people who can help your career and finances, allure you romantically. Marriage could be seen as a ‘career move’ in the year ahead, a short cut to the top.

Since Mercury is your Love Planet and he is very fast-moving, romance and romantic opportunity can come to you in a variety of ways and means. It all depends where Mercury is on any given day and the kinds of aspects that he receives. We will cover these short-term trends in the monthly forecasts.

Though you will have friends and will be involved with friends in the coming year, this is not your main focus. Love and romance are the main interests. Those involved in a second marriage or who are working towards a second marriage are experiencing crisis in their relationship. The issues behind the crisis are as described personal freedom versus career and commitment.

Those into or working towards a third marriage have an easier time but things are more status quo. Marrieds will stay married and singles will stay single.

The marriage of parent or parent figures seems in crisis but this has been going on for a long time.

Children of marriageable age can hear wedding bells this year. Someone from a good and old family is chasing them. Love pursues them. Grandchildren of marriageable age have a status-quo year.

Pisces 2019 money and career horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is not especially prominent in the year ahead, Pisces. Financial issues are not high on your agenda. The Cosmos is not impelling you one-way or the other and there is more freedom here. Earnings will tend to be status quo. Those who are prospering will continue to prosper. Those who have been struggling will probably continue in that way.

In the year ahead there will be times when earnings come more easily or with greater difficulty but these will come from the current transits and not because of any tendency in the overall year Career is unusually important in the year ahead and this seems unrelated to earnings. Career in this context means your status, prestige, professional and social position in society. This area, though volatile, seems important.

This 2019 you would choose a lower-paying but more prestigious job over a higher-paying but low-prestige job. Many of you will advance your careers by social means, by cultivating and knowing the right people. Perhaps by hosting parties and get-togethers and in many cases through marriage and or a business alliance with someone prestigious.

Your desire for career success is motivated by the kind of social life that success brings not so much for the success itself. Career is complicated by your intense desires for personal freedom, as mentioned. In many cases these desires could cause sudden and abrupt career change. You like the success, for sure but you don’t like the commitment and responsibility that come with it.

Your best and most fulfilling career scenario would be an area where you could attain status and prestige while still maintaining maximum personal freedom. This is not a year where you want a boss on your back. A career that affords much travel or varied assignments would be interesting. You don’t want to be stuck in any one place or any one routine for too long.

After September 25th 2019, Jupiter will move into your 8th House. This will bring prosperity to your spouse, partner or lover. Your spouse or partner will be generous with you. It shows an ability to both make and pay off debt. It shows increases in the credit line and the ready availability of outside capital. Professional investors should look at bonds and the bond market for profit opportunities.

As reported by pisces 2019 yearly astrology forecast , this will be (after September 25th) a good period to deal with tax and estate issues. Older Pisceans will probably be doing more estate planning now. Younger ones could inherit money or be remembered in someone’s will (no one actually has to die for this to come about).


Health needs more watching in the year ahead as some long-term planets are in stressful alignment and with you 6th House of Health for the most part empty, there is a chance that you will ignore this area.

Health and vitality will improve after September 25th but still needs watching. So in the year ahead, try to rest and relax more. Maximize energy by focusing on priorities, delegating or outsourcing where possible and working to a rhythm.

Wearing the colours, gems and metals of your Sign will help you on subtle levels. All Pisces need to pay attention to their feet, according to the 2019 astrology predictions. Shoes should be comfortable and not throw you off-balance. Foot massage and footbaths are excellent preventive therapies.

With the Sun as your Health Ruler, the heart always needs special care, too. As most of you already know, there are many natural and drugless ways to do this. Since the Sun will move through all the Signs and Houses of your 2019 Horoscope , your health needs and workable therapies can vary month to month. Healing can come from a variety of areas and in a variety of ways. A therapy that was effective one month might not be effective in another month, as your health needs have changed. We will discuss this further in the monthly forecasts.

As stated in pisces 2019 horoscopes, for most of the year, three powerful long-term planets are locked into a T-square aspect. A stressful aspect. The aspect is loose but nevertheless in effect. These planets rule over the ankles, sexual organs, the liver and the thighs. It won’t hurt to give these organs and parts of the body more therapeutic attention.

Ankles and thighs can be regularly massaged. Ankles should be given more support when exercising or indulging in strenuous sports. Sexual activity should be kept in balance, neither too much nor too little. Only you know by listening to your body what that balance is. The liver, like the heart, can be strengthened in many natural ways. Foot and hand reflexology, kinesiology, shiatsu, acupressure and acupuncture, Reiki, herbology, etc.

All Solar Eclipses tend to have health consequences for you though not necessarily bad ones. This is because the Sun is your Health Planet but still it is wise to take a reduced schedule during the period of these eclipses of April 19th and October 14th 2019. Your energy is not up to its usual standards at these times.

You still seem very much involved in the health of your spouse, lover or partner. Spiritually orientated methods seem most effective.

The health of parents, parent figures and children seems status quo, though they would benefit from detox regimes. The spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment of children need more attention. Health of grandchildren seems status quo.

Family forecast

Venus will spend an unusually long time in your 4th House this 2019. Four months approximately, from May 17th to August 7th. Her usual transit is about a month. So this is something significant and needs to be looked at. Generally, this would show more communication with family members, attempts to reconcile family factions and disputes, more family gatherings and more entertaining from home. It would also indicate a beautification of the home, buying objects of beauty for the home or remodelling from an aesthetic viewpoint.

Yet, many house moves in the year ahead wouldn’t be a surprise but these moves relate to you personally rather than to your family as a whole. Sometimes under this Uranus transit one is frequently changing or redecorating the personal room or office, your personal space, the place where you spend most of your time.

Often, it shows someone who travels a lot, spending extended time in different places though he or she has not officially moved but the effect is ‘as if’ the person has moved many times.

Since you are breaking loose this year, it would be understandable that there would be upheavals with the family from time to time especially if the obligations feel onerous to you but this year, these seem minor and short-lived. These are things that will be more easily seen in the monthly forecasts.

Since Saturn moved into your 5th House of Children in April of last year, dealing with children has been a challenge. In many cases, this arises because you feel ‘tied down’ by them. They are a restriction on your freedom. In other cases, the challenge comes from being forced to apply a balanced and harmonious discipline on them, neither too permissive (which only creates problems later on, both for society and for you) nor too repressive (which can be cruelty).

You are forced to walk a path of delicate balance. Children need order and righteous limits but not cruelty. (Your natural tendency is towards permissiveness but this year you will be shown the fallacy of it.)

There is also a major effort on your part to create a team spirit among the children, to have them work for the overall team rather than for their own perceived selfish interests. This will require much patience on your part. Dealing with children will be a major learning experience in the year ahead.

Parent or parent figures are moving, perhaps a few times. Children of adult age are moving after September 25th 2019 and this move looks very happy. They are moving to larger and better quarters perhaps earning money from property or making a fortunate purchase of a home.

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