Major Trends

As reported by the scorpio horoscope , since the very tough period of 2016 through to 2017, things have been getting better and better. Step by step, little by little, the long-term planets have been moving away from their stressful alignments with you. This year they are actually in positive alignment. As low as you sank, that is how high you will rise.

As bad as you felt then, that is how good you will feel now. The wheels of the universe are turning in your favour.

After seven years in your 4th House of Home and Family, volatile Uranus is now moving (and permanently) into your 5th House of Children, Love Affairs, Creativity and Personal Pleasure. Much of the emotional volatility of the past seven years is calming down.

You will be focusing more on your personal creativity and getting on with the real business of life, joy. You are entering an extremely creative period in your life. This will be so even for those who are not professional artists. Not a bad idea to take up some creative hobby these days.

scorpio 2019 horoscope preedictions


Since last year, Saturn has been supporting you. This shows that your personal creativity and your sense of self are accepted and approved of by those in authority over you, that your life urges are being supported by the powers that be, that you can be who you are and still achieve career success.

Last year was a strong career and social year. This trend will continue. The social expansion is in the area of friendships and seems very happy. Later in the year, after September 25th 2019, spirituality will become much more important and happy. This will have important and subtle financial benefits as well. More on this later on.

Your most important areas of interest are finance, home and family, children, creativity, personal pleasure and love affairs, religion, philosophy, higher education, friendships, organisations and group activities until September 25th and spirituality after September 25th2019.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are friendships, organisations and group activities until September 25th and spirituality after September 25th with love, romance and social activities.

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Scorpio 2019 love horoscope

Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year. You have great freedom to shape this area, as you will. The Cosmos doesn’t push you one-way or the other. Usually this shows a status-quo type of year. Singles will tend to remain single and marrieds will tend to remain married.2019 love astro predictions

Though your 7th House is not that important, the North Node of the Moon in this House shows that it’s an area that will bring you fulfilment. If you are married, work to bring more romance into the marriage. Singles should still seek serious relationships and improve their social skills.

The main social activity this year is in the realm of friendships. This looks happy and exciting. Your social circle will expand. New and significant friends are coming into your life. You benefit both socially and materially from joining organizations and clubs. Your new friends bring both joy and financial opportunity. You are learning that wealth is not just money in the bank and a fat stock portfolio, wealth of friendships is also wealth.

Those working towards a first marriage have a status-quo year. Those working towards a second marriage are facing a crisis. If you are in your second marriage, the marriage is being tested, reordered, restructured, reorganised. It may or may not survive the tests.

Only true love and a shared purpose will survive. Those looking to marry for the second time need patience this year. The aspects don’t look auspicious for this. Overcoming fear is the main problem but those working towards a third marriage have wonderful aspects.

Wedding bells can definitely ring. The person seems wealthy and educated and interested in supporting your financial goals. You could meet this person as you pursue your financial goals, perhaps at the bank, the broker’s office at work. This is a person who could be involved (already) in your financial life in some way.

Singles will have opportunity to meet a special someone from March 5th to May 20th 2019. Your social life is very active then but Venus, your Love Planet, will go retrograde from May 17th to June 29th. Can this budding affair survive? Venus retrograde doesn’t stop love from happening but delays things and sometimes throws in minor annoyances.

It is a time for rethinking and re-evaluating love relationships and many a relationship doesn’t survive this re-evaluation (on the other hand, many do).

Scorpios who have children of marriageable age may hear wedding bells this year, too. It might not be a marriage in the legal sense but like a marriage for practical purposes. These children have excellent social aspects in general. The major problem in love for them is their intense need for personal freedom.

They need to understand that a relationship, by definition, means a limitation of personal freedom. This will be a tough pill for them to swallow.

Grandchildren of marriageable age have a status-quo year. They are more serious and ambitious these days but marriage doesn’t seem on the cards.

Scorpio 2019 money and career horoscope

Money and finance have been strong interests for many years and this trend continues in the year ahead. With Pluto, your Ruling Planet, firmly in your 2nd House, you are taking a personal interest in finance, taking personal charge, not delegating these things to others. Also, you correctly see that you yourself are the best investment. You invest in yourself, in making yourself a better, more useful, more productive person and you command more in the marketplace.

Often when the Lord of the Horoscope is in the Money House, there’s a tendency to dress for success, to don the image of wealth, to dress expensively. Personal appearance and overall demeanour play an unusually important role in earnings. With this kind of aspect, there’s a strong connection between self-esteem and confidence and earnings. Now, this is true for most people but for you it is especially so. When self-esteem is high, earnings are high.

When self-esteem falls, earnings tend to fall. The reverse is also true. When earnings fall, self-esteem is affected even if it was through no fault of your own. There is a need now to decouple these two issues in your mind. You are much, much more than your bank balance.

The vagaries of the financial world, which tend to fluctuate by their nature, should never make you doubt that you are a worthwhile person, a child of the Most High.

In general, earnings are going to be much stronger than they were last year, conforming whith the scorpio 2019 astrology forecast . Saturn, which was giving you some resistance, has moved away from its stressful aspect with you. (Self-esteem is also much better this year for the same reason.)

Your Financial Planet, Jupiter, is in Virgo for most of the year. Virgo is the Sign that rules health and work. You are earning your money this year. This is not the aspect for lottery winnings. Earnings come from productive work. You will be a very careful shopper these days and also a better saver and investor.

Professional investors should look at the health field for profit opportunities in vitamin companies, pharmaceuticals, makers of health foods, herbal companies, makers of surgical or medical supplies, etc.

Jupiter rules your finances from the 11th House of Friends, Groups and Organisations. Friends (and there are many new ones this year) are a big factor in earnings. Membership in organisations will also help your bank balance.

Moneymaking seems to be a ‘group activity’ in the year ahead. There needs to be a team spirit here whether it is with people you work for or with the people involved in your finances. You need to assemble a strong financial team around you. Professional investors should look at science and high-tech companies for profit opportunities, as the 11th House rules all these things as well.

After September 25th 2019, Jupiter will move into Libra, your 12th Solar House. This is really going to change the financial picture for the better. For now, intuition and spiritual guidance are going to be the main factors in wealth. In fact, they will be your short cut to wealth. It always is the short cut but this year you will see it very graphically.

You must trust your intuition now even if you have a few failures. (They only seem like failures. You will see the logic behind them later on.) One moment of real intuition is worth many years of hard labour.

With Jupiter in your 12th House you are going to become much more charitable and philanthropic. If you are charitable now, you will be even more so then. You will be more idealistic about how you earn your money, making sure that it is in ways that are beneficial to the world at large.

It will be a period during which you will expand your understanding of the spiritual laws of affluence and these are often at odds with standard economics.

Job seekers have a status-quo year. A Solar Eclipse on April 19 2019 could cause some shake-ups in the current job situation perhaps a job change as well but other than that, things seem quiet.

Career, too, seems status quo. Your 10th House is not a House of Power and you seem to have little interest in it beyond the basics. Since you are coming off a strong and happy career year, I read this as a sense of contentment. You are where you want to be and have no need to push further for the moment.

Ambitions seem strongest (and advancement is mostly likely) from July 22nd to August 22nd and from September 6th to October 3rd, October 13th to November 22nd 2019 is also a reasonable career period.


Almost all the long-term planets are making nice aspects to you and your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power. The message is clear. Health is fabulous. Vitality is high. You don’t need to pay much too much attention to health matters or make any important changes.

You more or less take good health for granted. Sure, there will be periods in the year where this is less easy than other periods but these will be short-term trends caused by the short-term planets. When they pass, health will revert to its usual high standard.

With Uranus now in the Sign of Pisces for the next seven years or so, after flitting in and out of the Sign all last year, health will be improved over last year.

Mars is your Health Planet. Mars rules the sexual organs and Scorpio is one of the most sexual signs of the Zodiac. There is always a need to take better care of these organs. Health problems, should they arise, would tend to begin there. Keeping these organs fit is good preventative medicine.

Sexual activity should be balanced. Neither too much nor too little. The sexual organs themselves can be strengthened by many natural and drugless therapies like foot and hand reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, herbology, homeopathy, flower essence, naturopathy just to name a few.

Mars rules vigorous physical activity. Sport and vigorous exercise. Health for you is more than just the absence of disease, it means physical and athletic fitness. A workout at the gym or track should be part of your health regime.

Mars moves speedily in the year ahead, which shows good confidence in health, good physical confidence as well. He will move through nine of the 12 Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in the year ahead. Your needs and attitudes to health will change pretty quickly. Those of you who have health problems might get relief or healing in a variety of ways and through a variety of means. We will discuss these short-term trends in the monthly forecasts.

A Solar Eclipse on April 19th 2019 might force some of you to make long-term changes in your health regime but other than that, the health arena is quiet. No news is good news. The health of a parent or parent figure seems a concern. There is a need to take better care of the spine, knees, skeletal alignment and teeth. Diet is an important factor here. Spiritual therapies will bring great benefits.

Health of children seems status quo but they need to be more careful of how they experiment with their bodies. They have an urge to test their physical limits, they must be sure that these experiments are constructive and not destructive.

Health of grandchildren also seems a concern. Detox therapies seem powerful for them. Here too, the spine, knees, skeletal alignment and teeth are important.

Your best overall health periods in the year ahead will be from February 19th to March 20th, June 21st to July 22nd and October 23rd to November 22nd 2019.

Your most stressful health periods overall will be from January 21st to February 18th, April 20th to May 21st and July 23rd to August 23rd. Try to rest and relax more during these periods but don’t panic, they will pass.

Family Forecast

This has been an important and very volatile area for many years now. With Uranus’ departure from your 4th House (especially for those of you born October 23rd to November 5th 2019), things are getting much quieter. Things are more ‘settled’ but your 4th House is still strong this year and for many years to come, so home and family is still one of your major long-term interests.

In the past seven years, many of you have moved house many times. One move was not enough. Many of you redid the home many times. Once was not enough. There was a constant tinkering with the home, a constant yearning to find the ‘ideal home’ and the ideal domestic situation.

Many of you had family break-ups these past seven years as well. Old patterns and routines were simply shattered. Many of you experienced volatile emotions and moods, wildly high and then wildly low.

All of these phenomena are easing up. By now, after years of searching and experimenting, you have the house you want. Your domestic situation is where you want it to be. The dust is settling.

Right now, especially for those of you of childbearing age, there is an unusual interest in children. You want more of them and this is likely now and in the coming years. Those of you who already have them are being challenged by their rebelliousness. Understand that much of this is coming from their innate originality and is not malicious.

The children are extremely creative these days. Your job will be to help them to express this in positive ways. Get them into art, computers (this seems especially interesting to them), science and maths. Let them play with scientific-type toys, toys that will develop their scientific abilities. They will also enjoy astronomy and, if they are old enough, might enjoy astrology, too.

The children are challenging every single tradition and axiom perhaps even your own authority and you will need patience to help them see the reasons for these things. Some traditions should be challenged but it must be done correctly.

Like last year (and now even more so), you are making the home into something more enjoyable. It’s as if you want your home to be an entertainment and sport centre as well as a home. You are buying both adult and children’s toys these days. You don’t need to go out to have a good time but can have it right at home.

A parent or parent figure is having a spiritual awakening and with that all kinds of creativity are coming out. There might even be a love affair this year. If you feel you still need more beautification of the home (even after all these years of experimenting), January 1st to February 19th 2019 is a good period for it, according to scorpio yearly horoscope.


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