Major Trends

Last year was basically a happy year, accordind to the taurus 2019 astrology forecast. You prospered, had fun and had many lucky and happy experiences.

This trend is continuing in 2019 and you deserve all this. You went through much in the last years and now it’s time for some balancing of the accounts.

So this is still very much a year for travelling, partying and leisure activities. Many of you will be able to marry your leisure activities with your job or moneymaking pursuits.

Career has been important for many, many years now. It has been active, frenetic, full of sudden and abrupt changes but basically positive. This year, with Uranus changing Signs and Houses, you can expect more change but at a less frenetic pace.

taurus 2019 horoscope

There has been much idealism in your career for many years but now and for many years into the future the idealism will grow. It will be put into practice. Many of you will change career paths this year (or in coming years). Your career will be more personally satisfying and not just a way of making money. You will be known for your good work and charitable activities more than for the amount of money you make.

Like last year, Saturn in your 3rd House is forcing mental and intellectual development. You will narrow your intellectual interests and delve deeper into fewer subjects. Learning will be slower but more thorough.

Students will have to work harder at their studies but the hard work will pay off in the end. It is a time for disciplining your mind bringing order to your thoughts, speech and logical process. Your mind is an amazing instrument but it needs tempering these days.

Your most important areas of interest this year are intellectual interests and communication, career, friendships, group activities, science and astrology, sex, personal transformation and reformation, the deeper things of life, helping others prosper, debt and repayment of debt, children, fun, leisure activities, creativity and love affairs until September 25th, 2019 and health and work after September 25th.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment are children, creativity, leisure activities, love affairs and health and work until September 25th and after September 25th, the body, image, personal appearance and personal pleasure.

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Taurus 2019 love horoscope

With your 7th House of Love and Marriage empty most of the year, love and romance are not big priorities in the year ahead. Friendships seem much more important than serious committed relationships. The empty 7th House shows that you have much leeway in shaping this area as you will but the problem is lack of interest.

Usually this shows a status-quo situation. Singles tend to remain single and marrieds tend to remain married.2019 love astro predictions

Your social life in general is more stable than it has been in past years. There is an expansion of your social circle slow and steady. The relationships that you get involved in are much deeper than usual. Though wedding bells are not ringing for singles, there is still much love opportunity happening most of the year.

This opportunity is ‘fun and games’ though probably highly erotic but not serious, long-lasting, committed-type love. A year for love affairs. In fact, Taureans are contemplating the merits of one type of relationship over the other. Why marry and get entangled in all kinds of legalisms, commitments and compromises when one can have love without it? And yet, the stability of a committed relationship also has its allures. You Taureans like to know whom you are going to be with on New Year’s Eve and holidays. You don’t want to be caught ‘in between’ boyfriends or girlfriends.

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Married Taureans will see their marriages tested by outside love opportunities. This doesn’t mean that you or your spouse will be unfaithful, only that the opportunity will be there and you will have to make choices. Though these choices can sometimes be painful, they are good in that you see whether your love and commitment are real.

How can you know the depth of your commitment if you’ve never been tempted? A Lunar Eclipse on May 14th, 2019 can bring the above issues to a head. Your current relationship will be really tested a few years down the road. This will be a more serious and long-term test but for now the tests are minor.

This is also a year for more friendships and group activities. Many of the new friendships you’re making this year will be related to your career. These are people who are either involved in your career or whom you meet as you pursue your career goals. These people seem supportive of your career and can help you. There are friendships with the ‘high and mighty’, with bosses, elders, and people of higher status than you. Socially, you’re up there in the stratosphere.

Social activity seems most frenetic from October 23rd to December 21st, 2019. You seem more socially aggressive during this period. Your spouse or partner is very much into moneymaking and finance and these interests merge nicely with your own.

The love life or marriage of a child is highly unstable. Marriage is not advisable for a few years. He or she is attracting love, has good self-esteem and seems prosperous but affections are too volatile now. Grandchildren of marriageable age are actively and calculatedly seeking mates. They have good opportunities. They need to overcome fear and excess caution.

Siblings have good marriage opportunities now. Already married siblings are feeling the weight of the relationship the burdens are heavy.

Taureans working towards a second marriage have good opportunities this year. They should look close to home, in the neighbourhood. Those working towards a third marriage have an exciting social life but marriage is not likely nor is it advisable.

Taurus 2019 Money & Career Horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power this year. There is much freedom to shape your financial life, as you will. In spite of this (perhaps because of this) I see prosperity this year. Increases in earnings, travel and travel opportunities, pay rises, promotions and more recognition for your work. You seem loose and carefree when it comes to money and the anxiety and strain, which tend to block earnings are removed.

Mercury, your Financial Planet, is a fast-moving planet that will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in the year ahead. Financial trends will be short term and are best covered in the monthly forecasts.

As always, more than most, you need to be careful when Mercury retrogrades (three times a year). These are times when your financial judgement can be confused or not up to par. Financial confidence is not what it should be either. This too, will be covered in the monthly forecasts.

Your 10th House of Career is a House of Power and important changes are going on this year. You felt the beginnings of them last year but now the change is in full swing. Your career is going to involve more creativity. You want the freedom to advance in ‘intuitive and free’ ways.

You don’t want to be locked behind a desk all day or stuck in some routine. You have a need to follow a career path that lets you express your highest ideals. You need to feel that your work helps the world, that it has some meaning and purpose. Friendships and networking are unusually important in advancing your career these days. This has been a trend for many years and is now even stronger. You are meeting important friends, people of high status, people who can and want to advance your career.

You have a knack for knowing the right people and this is a big help to you. Many a Taurus is going to opt for a spiritual or artistic career. Many will seek jobs in spiritual or charitable organisations. Job seekers have wonderful aspects all year 2019.


With almost all the long-term planets either making good aspects to you or leaving you alone, your health is excellent this year and, though your 6th House of Health will become powerful after September 25th 2019, I read this as more of an interest in health education and in health regimes. You are interested in health for its own sake and not because you are under the weather.

With Venus as your Health Planet and also the Ruler of your Horoscope, health means much more to you than just the ‘absence of disease’. It means a healthy social and love life. It means looking good as well as feeling good.

There is a strong connection between love, vanity and health (Please keep in mind that a personal Horoscope for your exact birthday, birth time and birthplace could modify what is said here). When your love life is good, health tends to be good. When health is good, your love life tends to be good. When health is good, you look good. It all translates almost immediately into your physical appearance.

When health suffers, your looks suffer in a more dramatic way than for most people. Often the cure for a health problem will be to cure a problem in a love relationship. Equally often, it will mean sprucing up your image, buying some nice clothing or a fashion accessory or getting your hair done. And often, it will merely involve giving your body some of the sensual pleasure it needs.

Overall paying more attention to your kidneys, hips and buttocks can enhance good health. Your hips and buttocks (though there’s nothing especially wrong with them) should be massaged regularly. Your kidneys can be strengthened in many natural, drugless ways such as foot and hand chiropractic, kinesiology, herbology, acupressure, acupuncture, massage and shiatsu just to name a few.

With the Lord of your 8th House moving into your 6th House of Health on September 25th 2019, Taureans would get good results from detox and elimination regimes. (Pluto in your 8th House of elimination reinforces this.) These elimination or detox regimes can be herbal, nutritional or mechanical (i.e. colonics and enemas).

Health becomes more interesting beginning September 25th. I presume you will be more involved in ‘vanity’ concerns rather than because of actual disease. Those suffering from a health problem should hear good news on that score. Many of you will be studying the metaphysical and philosophical aspects of health. The role of the mind on the body will be more deeply explored and understood.

Health of children seems good. The right diet and nutrition play major roles in their health. The stomach, breasts, spine, knees and teeth are unusually important. The health of your spouse and grandchildren are status quo. The health of a parent seems a concern and the right diet will play a major role in healing.

Your Health Planet will go retrograde from May 17th to June 29th, 2019. This is not a time for making major changes to your health regime or to make major investments in health products, though you will be sorely tempted. This is a period for studying these issues more carefully but not for taking overt action.

Family Forecast

Your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power this year, Taurus. You have leeway to shape this area, as you will. The Cosmos doesn’t push you one-way or the other. Usually, this shows that the home and family situation is where you want it to be and you have no need to tinker with it. Generally, the status quo will prevail.

The major action and interest in the year ahead is in your career and not so much with your family. So if there are family or domestic changes, they probably stem from your career. A side effect of your career.

The periods of most intense domestic activity will be from January 20th to February 18th, June 23rd to August 23rd and September 6th to October 3rd, 2019.

September 6th to October 3rd seems an especially good time for holding or attending family gatherings, mending fences with family members, buying objects of beauty for the home, or for otherwise redecorating and beautifying the home.

June 23rd to August 23rd is an especially good time for doing heavy work in the home, moving furniture around, doing major renovations, construction work, breaking down walls, ripping out old pipes and wires and the like.

A parent or parental figure who has been quite erratic for some time will start to settle down. He or she is now less interested in personal freedom and starting to focus on finances. His or her financial prosperity looks sound.

Siblings are having a challenging year, conforming to taurus 2019 horoscope. They need to work harder, accept more responsibility, learn patience and begin to take charge of their lives. Self-discipline is the keynote for them in the year ahead. They need to take a long-term perspective on things and attain goals in a gradual, step-by-step way.

Relations with children seem good in the year ahead. There is much happiness and satisfaction from them. You are enjoying them more. Even those of you who have no children of your own will have a greater interest in them this year and find that you get on with them better.

Relationships with grandchildren (if this applies to you) seem more stressful in the year ahead but the problem is not yours. They need to grow up a bit and take on their legitimate duties and responsibilities. Their self-esteem could be much improved. Their ego and self-esteem are undergoing reality checks and will be adjusted to a realistic level. The Cosmos is expert at this sort of thing.

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