Major Trends

This year can bring great change to your present life. It will challenge and test the strengths and weaknesses that you are normally too stubborn to take much notice of.

This is one of those years that you will have to attend to them – why, because your life will be demanding it. Whether this is your present job, your locality and family life, your relationships or how you are personally performing – all will be under the spotlight this year.

I am not talking about doom and gloom here, because this type of year can open up new opportunities for you if you move out of your comfort zone. 23-24 October are the most powerful dates of this year  2019 – not only because the Sun enters Scorpio, but so does Mars and Venus setting up a special time.

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Personal Opportunities:

Probably the most important time of this year comes until 17 February, and for those who start the year with a plan of action you can succeed by putting in the effort and work required.

Mars will remain in your sign until this day and as it has been a resident since late July 2018 you may now only get the enthusiasm or impetus to use it effectively.

The Sun enters Taurus on 20 April remaining until 21 May and this is your personal power time. Mercury only stays 14 days from 5-19 May and you can use this time to make some important personal decisions, sign contracts and generally gather knowledge.

Personal Limitations:

As we begin this year with Venus retrograde until 3 February, your can feel some limitation around your life until this time.

You may have more duties and obligations to perform for other people that may not involve you being paid. Venus is still in the Earth sign of Capricorn until 5 March and she becomes more beneficial to you in the last month of her stay.


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Love horoscope

You meet people from different walks of life this year and this can broaden your mind as well as bring an early romance into life for you.
2019 love astro predictions

If you travel in the first three months of 2019it can increase the potential. Whilst Venus travels Taurus from 29 May to 24 June, and again with Mars (if you are female) from 24 October to 6 December and Venus in Scorpio (if you are male) 24 October to 17 November a time of high intensive interaction.

 Money & Career

This is where you must be attentive, and not allow people to either squander your money, or involve yourself with lengthy legal matters, especially if it involves a shared debt.

This is likely to be an issue, as some of you can find yourself separating or divorcing this year and the ensuing legalities it entails.

You can boost your finances with the right partner and can in fact get benefit through other people whilst Jupiter remains in Scorpio until 24 November.

Earlier made investments can either accrue or be closed down and late October to the end of November is when definite moves take place.

Go it alone this year as much as possible, and try to be single minded, but practical, in how you conduct yourself. Start early and you benefit later in the year.

Mercury in Taurus from 5-19 May can be the best time for you to make clear cut objectives and state your desires, remember to be flexible in your attitudes as this combination can be very direct.


As your throat and neck are the barometers of your body, pay special attention to these areas.

You will really benefit from massages this year, or personal one-on-one attention on a regular basis. It is likely that your vitality hits a low point in the year around June/July and your body can need attention.

You would also be wise to not try taking on too much in this time as that can accelerate the `accident’ potential as you are rushing.

2019 Horoscopes Month by Month


January is your career month. Making a speech, writing any sort of business report or letters, or listening carefully to the office grapevine will further your professional goals.

You could come to the attention of your boss or supervisor; make sure they see your best side! The New Year may bring confrontations. Avoid any potentially dangerous activities, drive defensively, and handle tools with care. Exercise can help defuse stress.

If you encounter conflicts, be sure your motives are good, and give the other person the benefit of the doubt. You could be attracted to study with a broad view; long-distance communications and travel can be very rewarding.

If possible, take advantage of this unique time: your mind is open and you’ll be better able to explain or teach complex concepts, whether using speech, writing or the arts as a medium.


Everything is in its place on February 1st, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Unfortunately, things could get messy between family members on the 2nd, and not surprisingly, you are expected you to pick up the pieces.

Luckily, acting as peacemaker is a role you’re comfortable with, especially on the 3rd through the 4th. Blow off some stress by doing something wild and adventurous on the 6th and 7th, but be ready to get back to thoroughly tend to a work-related matter on the 8th and 9th.

Valentine’s Day is a special and emotional time for you and your loved one — if you’ve been thinking of making a bigger commitment to each other, however, wait until after the 17th to do so.

You’re much more likely to have a rational, calm outlook on life on the 18th and 19th, and rushing into a decision is the last thing you want to do this month.

Don’t let one of your little moods spoil a good time on the 23rd and 24th — pouting won’t get you anywhere, Taurus. If you’re unhappy with the way things are going on the 25th and 26th, take a creative approach to problem-solving.


Early in the month, you attract people and situations that can further your professional aims. Relationships with your employers or supervisors require you to be alert or you may make the wrong move.

You could feel irritable and want to be alone this month, shying away from responsibilities. Fatigue or depression are possible. Exercise and practical optimism can help counteract this tendency. Try to be more aware of any unconscious negative behavior patterns.

People are attracted to you, and anyone you become involved with seems to gain something extraordinary from the relationship. You could acquire valuable new assets. You’re full of enthusiasm, but don’t let confidence trip you up.


You probably feel rebellious and want to be alone, shying away from decisive action. Your physical energy might seem limited.

These problems can be helped by attempting a challenging task. Or use your energy to find the true meaning of life! Exercise whether you feel like it or not. Now would be a good opportunity to make specific, detailed plans for achieving your ambitions.

Talk over your views with good friends or members of any group you belong to; a younger person could give you a new perspective. Clarify your ideas carefully before acting during the last half of February. There’s a good chance you’ll be confronted with a confusing situation at work.

You’ll have an important choice to make, and it may not be clear which path is best. Your eventual decision will work for your benefit, possibly contributing to significant changes in life direction. But don’t respond impulsively; take your time and consult experts.


May begins on a high note for the Bull. Spend the 1st doing something fun before you have to hunker down and get to work on the 2nd and 3rd.

Your need for freedom both at home and at work increases on the 4th through the 6th, but make sure you don’t intentionally sever any relationships during this time period — it’s possible to take time to be by yourself without alienating the people you care about.

An active social schedule pulls you out of your loner state and into the world of glitz and glamour on the 8th through the 12th — good thing you have plenty of energy to stay out late on these days. You might have a hard time making up your mind about an important issue from the 14th through the 18th, but everything should click into place on the 22nd and 23rd.

An intense physical attraction that begins on the 25th or 26th could turn into something more meaningful by the end of the month — that is, if you don’t let your pessimism ruin things on the 28th, 29th or 30th.


During the first half of June, money and wonderful people are attracted to you; but “easy come, easy go” could easily accompany these energies, so be sure that you exercise discretion.

Your self-esteem gets a boost and the extra confidence might allow you a leap of faith that you’ve been wanting to take for a long time.

Later this month, you’re able to pay attention to details, enjoying the practical aspects of doing a thorough job. Social life picks up. A new friendship may blossom. Let your extended family know how much you love them. It’s your time to learn the lessons of humility, perseverance, and self-discipline.

It may seem boring while you live through it, but with the right attitude, you can gain a deeper personal evolution in areas that will give you a secure foundation for future success.


Resources, both material and spiritual, hold many opportunities for Taureans in early July. It’s well worth your effort to focus on financial plans this month. A career opportunity calls to you on the 19th

July brings you luck and makes important positive aspects the 14th, 18th and 19th, only laziness or inattention can stop the inflow of this luck! It’s a good idea, though, not to expect to win the lottery every day.

Your personal life is sociable this month. Taurus’s ruling planet, moves into your sign the second week in July. That is a good time to schedule social events. A serious life transition this month advises you to prepare for change, new intimate contacts.


Just because you keep to yourself on the 1st and 2nd doesn’t mean that you aren’t working on something fantastic.

People might have a tendency to underestimate you at the beginning of the month, but you will come out of your shell and prove yourself by the 7th.

Pacing yourself becomes important on the 8th and 9th; watch your spending habits. Don’t let a good dose of extra energy go to waste mid-month, Taurus. The 10th, 11th and 12th are perfect days to work late, run errands or take care of the things you’ve been putting off.

Your stubborn streak is at its worst on the 17th and 18th, so it would be extremely unwise to get into important discussions with your boss or partner. Let the important topics rest until the 19th and 20th, when you’ll have more compassion in your heart and better control of your temper.

As the 25th rolls around, risk appeals to you, but it’s best left to those who know more about what they’re doing. Gaining a new perspective on the 28th increases your tolerance to the weirdness coming your way on the 30th and 31st.


Early September looks good for travel; the greatest enjoyment will come from experiencing new places and people.

If you don’t have time to travel, tour your local art galleries and museums, preferably any you haven’t visited before. Try to avoid arguments.

Yes, some things are worth fighting for – just be sure this is one of them. You can benefit from discussing repressed hostility or old grudges with a partner, but don’t let such talks whip you into a frenzy of further anger!

You’ll feel harmony and goodwill in your work place. Enjoy this, and stay alert for unexpected developments that could cause you to re-examine your career or business focus.


You’ll be able to get to the bottom of a puzzling mystery that’s been bothering you for some time. An unexpected honor could come your way at work.

Others may become confused about where you stand on issues, or about who you are. Think deeply, trust your intuition, and you’ll make the right choices. Money may cause some worries now. Victory is slow to arrive, but it will eventually. Taking a philosophical attitude can help a lot; think about what you will really care about in ten years.

Now is the time to make solid conservative investments that can bring you steady, if small, returns over time. This fall is likely to bring into your life whatever you value most, whether it be money, possessions, high ideals or fine friendships.

Due to the retrograde direction in the first part of October, take your time and decide consciously what you really want to attract.


The Full Moon on the 1st occurs in Taurus so focus on personal pleasure goals and have fun. The second Full Moon of the month on the 30th in Gemini gives you extra energy to achieve financial goals.

With most of the planets in the west, this is a very social month – time to hone and refine your social skills.

Love however is a mixed message this month, more romantic opportunities but also intensity and conflict. There may be a tendency to bring career battles into your love relationship… but they need to be left at the door of the office.

By the 8th, 70-80% of the planets are above the horizon, giving energy to your ambitions and urge for outward success. Mars in your House of Career all month shows that the pace here is getting hectic.

You have to fight for positions and fend off competitors. Career issues will get easier after the 22nd.

With both your career and social life on full throttle, focus on priorities and watch your health which is more stressed this period, so take a reduced schedule and relax.


The Bull has many obstacles to overcome as December begins. Your emotions rule on the 2nd and 3rd, but that isn’t a good excuse to let someone take advantage of you.

From the 2nd through the 10th, keep in mind that there’s a big difference between helping someone and being used. Your resourceful side begins to shine when the Moon moves into Scorpio on the 11th.

The 11th and 12th are great days to start new projects or to ask for a raise or promotion. Put work-related tasks on the low priority list, though, when a Solar Eclipse puts you in quite the adventurous mood on the 14th.

You’re likely to stay in high party mode until the serious Capricorn Moon enters the picture on the 15th, making the 15th through 17th a time of hard work and sacrifice.

Being put in an awkward situation is uncomfortable on the 20th, 21st or 22nd, but you have the social skills to take care of yourself in any situation from the 23rd through the 26th. Shy away from using your dry wit and making sarcastic comments in a group setting on the 27th, 28th and 29th, Taurus — everyone in the room might not realize that you’re only kidding.