Major Trends

Health is much improved over last year but still needs watching, as reported by the virog 2019 horoscope . Your love and social life began to become more interesting last year and you were feeling the first stirrings of change. Now the changes and excitement accelerate as your Love Planet, Uranus, moves firmly into your House Marriage for the next seven years.

Last year was a year of prosperity and the good life. It was a year of sensual pleasure and delight, of high optimism and of expansion of your horizons. This trend continues in the year ahead. Self-esteem and self-confidence were wonderful last year and will be wonderful in the year ahead too.

virgo 2019 horoscope

Friendships were tested last year and this trend is continuing in the year ahead. There is a need to weed out the true from the false friends, to separate the sheep from the goats.

The main headline now is change both sudden and precipitous. This is a year (and for many years to come) of learning to flow with and adapt to change. The Cosmos will not let you get stuck in any kind of rut, even a pleasant one. It’s not trying to torture you or rain on your parade but it has so many other new delights for you that it needs to break your attachments to the old ones.

Your most important areas of interest in the year ahead are the body, image and personal appearance, the pleasures of the body and finance after September 25th and home, family an domestic concerns, health, love and social activities (for many years to come)

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are the body, the image, personal appearance and the joys of sensual pleasure until September 25th and after September 25th 2019, finance, religion, philosophy, foreign travel and higher education.

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Virgo 2019 love horoscope

Your 7th House of Love and Social Relationships becomes an important House of Power this year and for many years to come. As mentioned, this is a most exciting area of life but also very unstable. Both marriages and divorces could happen now. The whole social circle is being shaken up. Old patterns are breaking up and new ones are forming.2019 love astro predictions

If you have been in a social rut, now you’re breaking out of it and in a very dramatic way.

In many cases, we see an almost total break with tradition and with the past. You’re going your own way. You seem to disregard completely all that you have ever been taught about love and relationships whether this teaching came from your parents, teachers or society. You are going to find out for yourself. You are going to learn about love through trial and error and while you will make a few mistakes for they are inevitable, you will also experience many successes, many highs and many breakthroughs in love.

It’s as if you want total freedom in love. You want to be able to love whom you want, when you want. You don’t want to be tied down and while many of you might marry in the years ahead, the advisability of this is in question.

Changes in affection, sudden and swift are likely these days. These changes are as bewildering to you as they are to your lover or partner. You can be in love one minute and in contempt the next and then back in love again. The more likely scenario is serial love affairs, which are like marriages.

So, you are in a period of social experimentation. Enjoy it for what it is. Don’t get stuck in any one experience for long. Don’t weep when an angel leaves, for right behind is the archangel.

The best kind of relationship would be where change and experimentation can happen within the relationship but this is rare.

Love comes suddenly and out of the blue this year. You never know when it will strike. You never know when it will leave. Always enjoy the moment. You are very much an at-first-sight type of person now.

Scientists, doctors, health professionals and astrologers, spiritual and creative types, allure you. Romantic opportunities can happen in the usual places like parties, weddings and social gatherings and also in the work place or doctors’ surgery. Office romances are likely. Love can find you as you pursue your normal health goals or with people who are involved in your health.

Long-married Virgos will have a crisis in their relationship. Those involved in a long-term love relationships, likewise. Your most important and happiest social periods will be from January 14th to March 20th, from May 21st to July 22nd 2019, and from September 22nd to November 21st.

Virgo 2019 money and career horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance will become powerful after September 25th 2019 and be strong well into next year. Finances are important to you. The interest is there and the aspects are wonderful. Another year of prosperity.

This year you see the dramatic connection between self-esteem and earning power. Because you are becoming more you have larger and better ideas for yourself. You inevitably earn more. You command more in the marketplace.

This is a year for living the good life, for enjoying good food, good restaurants, good wine and all the finer things of life. For travelling more. Luxury personal accessories and clothing perhaps a whole new wardrobe is coming your way. You dress for success. You wear the image of wealth and others see you that way.

Speculations are favourable this year too though always remember never to do this blindly but under intuition. Later in the year, Jupiter will enter your Money House. This shows an increase in wealth. Assets you already own increase in value. Perhaps you see value in things that you never realised was there. It’s as if you’ve been sitting on a gold mine but never knew it until Jupiter (through his agents) points it out to you.

Property seems like a source of profits. Perhaps a financial partnership with a family member is happening. Family members are supportive financially and provide opportunity. You are spending more on the home, investing more in it.

In general, Jupiter rules publishing, long-distance carriers either in telecommunications or transport and travel. Professional investors will want to follow these industries for profit opportunities.

These are just the general trends for the year. With fast-moving Venus as your Financial Planet, earnings will tend to come from many areas and through many people. We (You and I.) will cover these short trends in the monthly forecasts.

Venus makes a rare (every two years or so) retrograde from May 17th to June 29th. This won’t stop earnings but will introduce delays and some minor irritations. Sometimes a pending deal or project is put on hold for a while so that everyone can study the issue more carefully. In general, more financial homework needs to be done during this period. It is a time for researching pending investments or major purchases but not for actually making them.

On a generic level, Jupiter rules metaphysics, religion, philosophy and higher education, higher knowledge. Many of you will be spending on education in the coming year. Investing in education so that you can enhance earnings later on. Others, and this seems desirable will be taking courses on finance, investing, money management, etc. and most importantly, you will be refining your philosophical and religious beliefs about wealth. Many people are held back financially because of false or misunderstood religious beliefs. Many of these kinds of limitations will fall away in the coming year. The first step in long-term wealth, as you will discover in the year ahead, is gaining the right ‘metaphysical concept’ about it. The right philosophy. Once this is attained, the mechanics will fall into place but if the essential metaphysics are lacking, then all the mechanics and effort in the world won’t have lasting results.

A Solar Eclipse on October 14th will shake up your financial life but this will be a good shake-up, something you need. It will liberate you into bigger wealth. You will be forced to make positive changes that will ultimately lead to greater wealth.


Virgos are always interested in health and the fact that your 6th House of Health is still strong reinforces this interest. As mentioned, health is much improved over last year but still needs watching. Saturn has moved away from a stressful alignment with you but now Uranus has replaced it. If you’ve been reading my reports for the past few years you’ll know how to deal with this situation. “Rest and relax more.” Prioritise. Focus on the things that are important to you and let lesser things go. Delegate or outsource projects whenever possible. High energy is the main defence against all sorts of disease.

The planet Neptune, which rules the feet, has been in your 6th House of Health for many years now. This shows that keeping your feet healthy is important for overall health but now the importance of the feet gets magnified as your Health Planet, Uranus, now moves into Pisces, which rules the feet.

Now more than ever, try to wear shoes that fit comfortably. Avoid shoes that throw you off balance or that distort the contours of your body. Keep your feet warm in the winter. Regular foot massages and footbaths will have a positive overall impact on both energy and health.

The ankles, too, are very important. Make sure you give them adequate support when exercising or indulging in strenuous sports. More injuries arise from wobbly ankles than are reported. I’ve seen cases where a client says, “Nothing wrong with my ankles, it was my knee that got hurt skiing.” but she didn’t realize that the reason she fell was that her ankles got wobbly and knocked her off balance. Ankles should be regularly massaged.

Your Health Planet moves into the spiritual Sign of Pisces for the next seven or so years. This tells us many things.

Good health for you means a healthy spiritual life. Feeling disconnected from or not in the ‘Grace’ of the Higher Power can impact on health. In the years ahead, many of you are going to learn that there is really only one source of health and healing, the grace of the Higher Power.

When healing is granted, almost any technique, pill or herb will work but if that healing isn’t granted, there is no doctor, pill or potion that can help you. So if you feel under the weather, you must first search for your healing from within.

Many of you have been interested in spiritual healing techniques for many years. This trend is only going to intensify now. Prayer, meditation, speaking the word, laying on of hands, yoga and polarity therapies are all going to become very interesting now and you will get good results from these kinds of things. Many of you are going to develop your own healing talents (already considerable) along these lines.

Having your Health Planet in mystical Pisces suggests that many of you will now get weaned off health systems and routines. You might find that a pill or herb that worked one time might not work the next time or that something that didn’t work once will work now. This is happening to show you to stay open to your inner guidance when it comes to health. Every health situation is something unique and must be approached in a unique way.

Your Health Planet now being in the 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities is adding a new dimension to your health. It shows that good health for you also means a healthy love and social life, that love and social happiness are important for overall health, that you are as much concerned with the health of your lover (and the health of the overall relationship) as you are with your own health, that health problems are likely to have their origins in love and social problems. Hence, if you feel under the weather, check out any social or love disharmony and work to rectify the problem there before running to a health professional.

Chances are that the health problem will dissolve of its own accord and even if the services of a health professional are needed, the healing will proceed much more quickly and easily.

When Jupiter is in your own Sign (your Solar 1st House) there is a tendency to overindulge in the good life, too much food, too much sensual delight and this can be a health danger. Enjoy the good life by all means but keep it in balance. Happily, you Virgos understand this very well.

Health needs special attention from February 19th to May 7th, May 21st to June 21st and November 21st to December 21st. Try to rest and relax more during these periods.

Family Forecast

Home and family issues have been important to you for many years but are even more so this year. Your 4th House is a House of Power but more importantly the Lord of the 4th House, Jupiter, your Family Planet is in your own Sign for most of the year.

Pluto in your 4th House (for some years now) often indicates a death in the family but it doesn’t necessarily have to happen in a literal kind of way. Often it will show a break-up of the family or domestic pattern or a family crisis. Often this can mean an emotional separation from the family. Always it shows an interest in depth psychology, an exploration of one’s past and family history, an uncovering of the sources of old wounds, behaviour and emotional patterns. Many of you are involved in psychological therapies. Many are involved in genealogy, tracing the history of your family and your own roots.

Many of you feel a need to reform the whole family pattern. The old ways of doing things, child-rearing and domestic routines are seen as ‘evil’ and they need to be done away with. There could be secret, undercover wars with certain family members. These wars are not fought with bullets or bombs but psychologically, by propaganda and button pushing.

On a purely physical level, Pluto in your 4th House is showing major repairs or renovations, deep things in your actual house. Those who rent might find that their landlord is undertaking these things. Those who own their own home will undertake these projects themselves.

Yet, in spite of all these shake-ups and break-ups, many happy things are happening at home. The new domestic pattern brings a different kind of closeness with family members. You are able to relate to them in a new and better more rational way, in a way that is uninfluenced by past pain and traumas. Family members seem supportive of you both financially and emotionally. A parent (or parent figure) might be staying with you and this seems basically happy. A parent or parent figure is devoting much attention (much more than usual) to you.

Home and family issues will tend to be most active from 2019 November 21st until the end of the year. Virgos of childbearing age are much more fertile this year.


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