Aries ( March 21 – April 20 )

A dynamic year ahead – February shall see Arians giving a new impetus to their plans. Anxiety and ambition shall rule the minds of those who have Aries strong in their horoscopes.

Ambitions regarding career will be fulfilled before the end of May and many are likely to receive new appointments or promotions. Arians shall receive special attention of their spouses till May – June and then they are likely to face a let down.

This year will be very important for kids too – arrival of tiny tots are likely to add fervor to Onam in many ‘Martian’ homes. Elderly Arians are likely to enjoy the long sought company of their grown up kids during Onam season. Professionally the times are good – businesses are likely to flourish unless hampered by special horoscopic factors.

Travel is indicated in October – November and little worry on account of kids/co-born is likely to follow. Winter is likely to make the spouse cold towards Arians.

Those looking forward to get married will have their dreams becoming a reality by 6 December/ before the end of the year. Romances too shall mature by December or shall fade away to leave the Arians emotionally wounded. With Saturn & Jupiter aspecting the tenth, the career goals shall engage the attention of Arians and romance shall automatically take back seat.

Taurus ( April 21 – May 20 )

For the Bull, 2020 begins on an auspicious note for career and March is likely to be a period of travel – some of the bulls likely to be having their honeymoon.

April will find them settled with romance giving way to a lot of creativity on the career front. Third week of May can be worrisome – many can be found consulting astrologers to relieve them of the confusion.

June – July shall pin them on to family matters but they are all set to celebrate Onum amidst great jubilation and in the company of an unusual congregation of near and dear ones. Chronic sufferers need to keep a watch on their health with the approach of winter. 

Those having afflictions over Ascendant and week foundation for the horoscope are advised to have appropriate consultation to ward off the possibility of accidents/bodily injuries.

Gemini ( May 21 – June 20 )

Year began with controversies, conflicts and quarrels for the twins coupled with financial crunch. Jupiter moving to the Virgo assures the twins of professional success and domestic happiness.

Those aspiring to have new homes and conveyances will have their wishes fulfilled by September. Overall a promising year but susceptible to eye afflictions/ENT complaints in June – July. September augurs well for marriages and success in career.

2nd half of 2020 and the first half of 2021 looks adverse for health and finances with some losses incurring in June-July .

Finances will stabilize around the time of Onum and significant fortune shall coming through in December. February & March 2021 will give gain of house and conveyance.

Cancer ( June 21 – July 20 )

First week of the year is adverse for health and friendship but the rest of January and February augured well at work, creativity and happiness.

Early March is likely to cause accidents while the following period up to April gives gains through land and spouse. Middle of the year is potentially lucky and is the time of romance and marriage for the Cancer born.

Literary and artistic pursuits have a favorable time in the second half – authors and painters are likely to receive rich rewards. November – December shall give new career opportunities and success in business.

Cancer born facing difficulty in fixing marriage and the event is delayed shall find new welcome opportunities with the touch of Saturn in Cancer in December .

Leo ( July 21 – August 21 )

Creative phase prevailed at the beginning of the year. For most of the Leo born the year will be one of excellent opportunities and happiness like the latter half of 2020.

On new positions and responsibilities 2020 offers the best of circumstances to meet the challenges and January – March will bring many creative solutions and happiness from children.

April – May will see extra income through spouse/partnerships/business/delayed payments may turn up. Marriage is likely for the Leo born during June – August .

August – September shall put Leo to tiring social activities and success in all matters. Good fortune will seek out the Lions with many shifting to their new homes or acquiring new lands/conveyances etc.

There will be joy on all accounts and many youngsters shall have their laps shining with a newborn. November may bring in fruitless journeys and worry on account of mother/defective eyesight. Year ends on a little tiff with younger co-born or the neighbor.

Virgo ( August 22 – September 22 )

Year begins on an adverse note for the Virgo, reports, with the spouse and the boss adding agony to the days.

Transfer and financial losses are likely and also extravagance by near and dear ones. Chaos will prevail on the career front and survival will be through sheer merit.

Must be careful in driving, especially two wheelers in January – February. By the middle of September career trends will be reversed and the pending promotions shall surely get released/new opportunities shall become available in the career front.

Second half of the year excellent for planning on domestic front and career. Many are likely to visit holy spots in winter and some of the Virgo born will have worry on account of the demise of the near relatives. Spouse is likely to bring fortune in some cases and unexpected stroke of good luck in December.

Libra ( September 23 – October 22 )

Career had positive developments and success in games and sports – a time brimming with confidence is that what can be said about the initial months of the year.

March & April  shall bring success and domestic happiness while May shall prove to be of ill health and adversity for elder co born. June – July augurs well for career and conflicts are likely in August that will be sorted out only towards the end of the year.

October – December promises happiness and creativity on the work front – new business ventures likely and those who indulge in speculations shall be benefited.

Those who trade in stocks shall have immense benefits at the end of the year. Students will have a time of soaring successes from October and it is true about authors and artists also.

Many Librans shall find their marriage getting fixed in the first week of December, after a year of frustrating efforts.

Scorpio ( October 23 – November 22 )

Year begins on a not so good emotional phase and efforts under constrictions till the end of February.

March will open up the minds of Scorpions to a new freedom and there will be happiness on account of children.

April may give income but likely to have loss in speculative ventures followed by two months of isolation – let down feeling. 2nd half of the year promises recovery from set backs – steady recovery from obstacles.

September may give happiness on account of children and there will be celebrations at home.

November – December may bring in the long awaited promotions & salary arrears but worry is likely on account of children. Some of the scorpians are likely to undergo a shift of place or travel in November-December.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20 )

Lucky in the first half of the year but worrisome on account of children till March with anxiety exceeding limits in February is the likely picture.

Relief from mental anguish possible with the advent of April – the Sagittarian spirit will be back and is likely to visit holy spots and hillside retreats. Conflict likely with neighbor or colleagues in June-July.

Last week of July and August augurs well for career – promotions/business opportunities/successes are quite likely before 10 September. October – November shall be of good income but those in business may avail of loans for investment purpose.

August – September shall bless many with life partners too and the jovial spirit will be more evident in the second half of the year.

For students and those who are completing their courses this is an excellent year and those in professional colleges are likely to succeed in campus selections.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 19 )

2020 begins with uneasiness at home – sale of properties and confusion to prevail up to the third week of March.

Then adversity for younger brother and unexpected good luck likely with pleasant times taking over along with Monsoon. October & November shall prove to be the best of periods in this year.

Chronic patients of asthma and arthritis have an especially bad year. Those who have their marriages getting delayed will have some good luck smiling by the end of the year.

Many are likely to take on travels in search of career prospects but may have to wait a little to meet with the right choice. Saturnians shall prefer to be lazier this year as they may apprehend many hurdles in their path.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18 )

Pot Bearers have a wonderful year ahead from the middle of February and will have great professional success this year.

Long journeys are indicated and those in business may find their prospects on the increase.

Spiritual inclinations shall be on the increase and is likely to face heavy emotional ups and downs in September – October. For students this is a promising year and sportsmen are also likely to shine.

Those pursuing litigations may find the process getting entangled further with no solution in sight. Abdominal health can be a matter of concern for few in September – October. Income from different sources are likely by the end of the year .

Pisces ( February 19 – March 20 )

Mars who added fire to the emotions of Pisceans is moving over to Aries on 25th January and the Pisceans are set to enjoy a relatively calm period ahead.

Transit of Mars also heralds a phase of increasing fortune till 27th September . August – September will be the luckiest period for Pisceans.

Those who are pursuing romance shall have their dreams fulfilled before October and many Pisceans looking forward to marriage also have the event settled in August – September.

2020 will be a successful year professionally as the Yogakaraka Jupiter is transiting favorable houses. Career dreams will be fulfilled and financial position will improve as Mars approaches Jupiter.

For those having “overseas” dreams this is the best time to put in their efforts so that they ultimately realize their dream in August – September. Disputes/conflicts are likely to arise and settled in favor of the natives in February-March/ or August/September.

Pisceans will have an added emphasis on their spiritual pursuits in 2020  – many are likely to visit holy spots – their long time dreams coming true by August 2021.