At any time and all times, the human being to seek telltale signs of the future and always wanted to understand how these signs go this show; he also wants to understand the trends and what is behind every situation and astrology view the day…

We find evidence related to magic and the astrology registered or carved on megalithic constructions such as the ruins of the Egyptian civilizations practiced astrology long before that time, Aztec, Babylonian, and Inca trying to demonstrate the different research alternatives to overcome the frightening fragility against any threat or act unexpectedly, complex systems of astrological forecast have been designed and developed by very different people from around the world, always trying to anticipate events and to protect themselves against the drawbacks, and that same sense of astrology, know what is expected.

Remember the Greek Prometheus, who also has never been forgiven by the gods of Olympus, after his attempt to steal the fire from heaven and distribute among men, which would have to expand their conscience and to increase their power over the future and divination!

Astrological Divination

Men have always tried to obtain information about their future, information that would allow them to expand their magical knowledge at first, but become spiritual in the future…
At the time astrology was not yet happened in some countries or divination was still archaic: (reading the future in coca leaves in the Andes, the game sticks or coins, as I in the Chinese Ch’ing old, throwing rocks covered with inscriptions, but as in the Celtic runes) that was accurate to read the future, happen astronomy opened their eyes. In astrology, the human being has always find conditions for survival because it allows you to organize his life away from the midst of apparent chaos of reality.

Peoples and astrology

But in the history of magic and divination is astrology has always been the most frequently encountered:
All ancient cultures, regardless of their region, all had some level of astrological practice.
All latitudes and all longitudes all human beings of all time had on their heads sky and stars, this Sui allowed men to practice astrology.
Whenever a planet or a star or some combination of star, made a move in the sky, since this event was observed on Earth, in a specific place there will be events.
The facts are! There’s an existence of a certain level of “connection” between celestial bodies and the man directly related to planets like our astrological signs.

Astrology and zodiac signs

We created this site for all lovers of astrology and hermetic. It is not only devoted to the study of heavenly bodies, but also and especially the signs and astrological predictions.

Like the effect of the moon on the tidal cycle, the planets have a real influence on human beings of our planet. Several million people visit daily forecasts for their astrological signs.
The horoscope is the best known and most currently used as art prescience astrological practice, but astrology is not simply to the consultation of the horoscope of your astrological sign.
Modern astrology through the comprehensive study of a person’s natal chart, allows the consultant to obtain actual predictions of the future based on the interaction of the planets on the day and time of his birth. Thanks to the accurate analysis of the astrological sign, it is possible to have on hand a unique and personalized on his life and future horoscope.
We have compiled for you to numerous articles and publications on the history of astrology from antiquity to the present day.
The study of planets and astrological signs are available in all countries of the world, and in all civilizations.