Aspects describe energy between the planets at a specific time; planetary aspects continually change as the planets orbit around the sun. The aspects describe strengths and/or challenges between two or more areas of your life.


When two or more planets are embracing each other within a 6 degree orb, they are said to be conjunct. There are many pros and cons pertaining to conjunctions. Whereas there are definitive strengths in them they can, depending on the planets involved, be a bit disorienting at times.


Sextiles represent smooth, harmonious energy and opportunities that take some work to develop.


A square is a more subtle, insidiously challenging energy. They are a bit easier to sidestep for some time, yet it is beneficial for personal growth to become aware of and confront the squaring energy.


Trines are very positive and harmonious energies that aid in smoothing the paths of more challenging matters. Natural strengths.


Challenging energies indicating adjustments.


An opposition is a challenge in life that you are definitely aware of in some way. It could be that an unwanted pattern keeps repeating itself or perhaps the same uncomfortable feeling manifests itself in certain situations. There are positive aspects of your chart which will give you the ability to deal with these challenging aspects, not to mention that we have come to discover that the energy of so-called “negative” aspects are quite often a great source of power once the native learns how to utilize the energy.

12 astrology houses

There are twelve houses in the zodiac that represent different areas of your life. When one or more planets are in a particular house, then that area of your life is more emphasized. If a house is empty, this does not mean that this part of your life is vacant, it merely indicates a smoother area of your life.

Each house is naturally ruled by one of the astrological signs. The first house is ruled by the first sign of the zodiac: Aries, the second house by the second sign of the zodiac: Taurus, and so forth. The natural rulers set a tone for each of the 12 houses.

The areas of your life that the houses describe are as follows:

1st House:

Natural ruler is Aries.
The ego. Your self-assertiveness. How you present yourself. Appearances.

2nd House:

Natural ruler is Taurus.
Acquisitions. Possessions. Earning potential. Values. Self-worth.

3rd House:

Natural ruler is Gemini.
Communication. Siblings. Short trips. How your mind learns.

4th House:

Natural ruler is Cancer.
Home: the one you came from and the one you will establish. Your parents. Your background. Foundations. Endings. Your emotional terrain.

5th House:

Natural ruler is Leo.
Creativity. Children. The love that you give. Self-expression tendencies.

6th House:

Natural ruler is Virgo.
Service given. Duties. Employment. Your health.

7th House:

Natural ruler is Libra.
Partnerships. Marriage. Dealings with the public. Legal contracts.

8th House:

Natural ruler is Scorpio.
Regeneration. Secrets. Sex. Rebirth. The occult. Illnesses.

9th House:

Natural ruler is Sagittarius.
Philosophy. The superconscious mind. Higher education. Travel.

10th House:

Natural ruler is Capricorn.
Purpose. Profession. Ambition. Achievements. How people see you. Status.

11th House:

Natural ruler is Aquarius.
People of like minds gather together in the 11th house. Friendships. Your goals. The love you receive. Your individual role in the whole big whole.

12th House:

Natural ruler is Pisces.
Hidden fears and talents. The subconscious. Intuition. Frustrations.

The Planets

The planets represent parts of your individual psyche as well as universal arenas of the collective unconscious. For example, Neptune represents your own spirituality, intuition, and illusions; Neptune also rules our film, fashion, and music industries. A planet depicts a part of yourself, and the astrological sign that the planet is operating in shows how you tend to function within the realm of the planet.

The sun represents the self-expression principle. The way and why that you exude your essence. (Ruled by Leo)

The moon represents the feminine, receiving side of you personality. Your emotional patterns of response and reaction. Your home and family. (Ruled by Cancer)

Your brain, the way that you think. Rationality. Intelligence. Also rules communication. (Co-ruled by Gemini & Virgo)

Affections. Social issues. Unions. Also rules beauty, the arts, possessions, and luxury. Creativity. (Co-ruled by Taurus & Libra)


Primal energy and aggression. Where you expend a lot of this energy. Assertiveness and initiative. Mars is the planet of war. (Ruled by Aries)

Expansion potential. Jupiter is the Planet of Fortunei. Travel. Conceptualization of the higher mind: Philosophy, Religion, Ethics. (Ruled by Sagittarius)

Foundations of security and familiarity. Saturn represents ideas and behaviors that we learn that feel safe and secure. Also rules patience, tradition, and responsibilities. (Ruled by Capricorn)

Sudden changes. Originality and inventiveness. Your own uniqueness. Progressive. The unfamiliar and occult. Uranus tends to wake us up. (Ruled by Aquarius)

Spirituality, intuition, and dreams. Veils and illusions. Escapism. Also rules addictions and hypnosis. (Ruled by Pisces)

Regeneration. Life , death, and rebirth. Penetration into that which is hidden. Also rules obsessions, crime, and exposition of secrets. POWER! (Ruled by Scorpio)