Chinese New Year 2019 begins on February 05, 2019. The Year 2019 is the year of the brown earth pig.


A year to stay peace and calm. Beware of grumpy and profligate behavior. Take good care of your health and your personal belongings.
The Rat should be careful this year in everything he does. Many mishaps and shattered ambitions expected. Take precautions when travelling over the sea.

An unpredictable year with obstacles.

Consider a financial planning in order to avoid over spending.
Financial losses possible. Favorable to stay away from lawsuits and court case. Handle people carefully or they can turn against you.

Love life keeps changing, and it gets burnt easily.
Avoid love entaglements and be faithful to your spouse. Avoid getting married or engaged this year.

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Your versatile faculty with practical experience will guide you to success and profit. People around you may not be too friendly to see your outstanding achievements.
Take time with friends. Beware of backstabbing and misplaced loyalty of friends.Don’t worry too much and work hard.

Expect improvement in business, however keep everything in harmony.

Easy come and easy go, yet unexpected gains are possible.
Do not lend or guaranty loans for other people. Be convervative in investments . Keep savings and don’t spend lavishly.

Easily approachable to opposite sex. However, stick to your own love.
Be faithful. Not much romances this year. Avoid temptations in office and nightlife.


A gorgeous year but problematic year to release your talent and inspiration and exchange with profit and success, surely you will have a wealthy year. Unfriendly people may come from everywhere. Ingratiate them with your wisdom and sincerity.

Hidden dangers are out there which you don’t realize. Be careful of the bad guys.

Don’t overspend, otherwise you will encounter financial difficulties.
Be cautious or you make get cheated.

Love is the wisdom of the fool and folly of the wise.
Be careful in choosing your parnter or you may end up in divorce. Avoid extra-marital affairs. When choosing a love one, don’t put up high expectation, be realistic and look inside the person’s heart.


A year to test your perseverance and consistency since obstacles are always there to hinder your pace. Your clever nature will always find a way out and proceed to the road of success.
Troublesome year that can turn out to be good or bad. Think carefully your deicisions.

Don’t push your luck, Avoid risks , as there are hidden dangers on your way

Resistance in earning, yet must earn from the right approach.
Work hard and don’t overspend. You can earn a lot but avoid risky investments.

It’s not the Mr./Miss Right yet. Therefore, there is no sparkle between you two.
But this could be a time for courting and finding your love one.


A prosperous year and benefits those who move around. Perseverance and hard workin in nature will derive promotion or practical scores.
Don’t expect a lot as not everything might go as planned.

Tremendous pressure on your shoulder. Be careful on every step that you take.

Money fluctuates like roller coaster. Must know when to stop as greediness will lead to losses. Avoid risky invesments.

Don’t worry too much. Just let it be. Spend more time with family.


Easy come easy go. Your lucky star is around to give you a year of naive delight with easy profits. Damage is the son of carelessness that you must strive to avoid.

Grasp the opportunities. Consider implementing new goals and plans.

Not much happening. Be careful on investment and don’t make any loan.
Income may improve slightly. Work hard and things will turn out fine.

Very sociable year and make lots of friends with sweet memories. However, self-control is critical.
Don’t neglect your family.Be faithful to spouse.


A good year for learning and beware of rave and haughty. Stay solemn with contracts and involvement when carelessness always vitiate your fortune.
Many difficulties coming so better be prepared than sorry. Travelling not advised.

Not much improvement in business and better keep your plans confidential, otherwise opportunity will be intercepted

Money fluctuates a lot. Start saving now.
Don’t spend lavishly. Be wise and invest cautiously especially long-term investment or you might lose money.

Gossip is knocking at your door. It is best to cultivate a heart of love that knows no anger.
Not a good year for love and romance. Jealousy abounds.


A prosperous year to score superb success and achievements. Hard working is the only condition for the scale of returns.

Great opportunities for career. Maintain good relationship with your conterparts in order to develop a better reciprocation.

Good money from work but not from gambling. Diversify investment will make it more profitable. Avoid high rish investments.
Spend wisely even if it seems like a bargain.

Easily approachable to opposite sex. Opportunities are waiting for you.
Stay away from extra-marital affairs. Be faithful to spouse.


A very competitive year that success has become so impregnable. Perseverance is your only weapon to fight and to create another world.
work hard to fight off difficulties that may arise.

Competitors are all around you. Better endure yourself and learn your\ shortfall.

Don’t push your fortune. Keep your budget balance and everything will work out fine. Avoid high risk investments.

Not in harmony with your dates and arguments are in your way.
Avoid love trysts and be faithful.


A much better year to come. Prepare to wlecome your lucky star with your faculty and efforts but do not be too greedy.

Luck is knocking at your door. It is a good year for expansion.

A very profitable year from both work and the unexpected. However, be careful of adversity from money.

Very sentimental. Apossible unhappy ending if handled unwisely. Spend more time with family.


People around you will help you to score your desired goals and will bring you fortunes. A better year for you with sounding achievements. Beware of intricate relationships.

Not a smooth year and things are unpredictable. A conservative mind would prepare you for the better.

A fairly steady year. Keep a clear picture of your budget to avoid any losses. Don’t invest speculatively or you will lose a lot.

It’s not easy to have someone around you and they won’t always come around you.


Your lucky star shines your path to prosperity and fortunes. Chances will be coming from all directions that you shall doubt what to choose. Be careful of overloaded works may exhaust you and damage your health. Just try what you can afford.
Nov. 2018 Update : According to TheChineseZodiac , the people born in the year of the pig  have to be very careful with their health.

Quite lucky with felicity. Remember, keep it low profile.

Good money from work but don’t expect any unexpected gain. Avoid high risk investments.

Wonderful time to get together but be loyal.