Horoscope 2022 for Each Zodiac Sign

With the help of the stars, you will be able to prepare better for what is to come. After all, with the horoscope 2022, made by our astrologer , it will be easier to know if this new year is favorable or not for economic investments, to seek a new love or even to make dreams come true.

Air Signs:


The Gemini is intelligent, social and agitated. His life is summed up in seeking new adventures. So 2022 can be a little frustrating. After all, this will be a period of total deceleration. It is a year to rest, relax and reflect a little on the direction your life is taking. Geminiana, take this time to think and organize your new dreams and goals, research courses and travel.

It will be a time to give up material and financial aspects and also a little bit of love life and focus more on yourself. 2022 will be a favorable period for personal growth. Get in touch with your ‘inner self’, better understand your desires and what you need to do to satisfy them. Use your time to improve your knowledge.

This coming year is ideal for the Gemini native to analyze her life, her mistakes and successes and also to analyze new horizons. In this way, the Gemini woman can refine her conscience and put herself on the right path towards wisdom.

Your future is a reflection of your past and present attitudes. This is the year for the Gemini to reap what she sows. That is, if the native of the air element was a good person, she need not worry, this is a time of harmony for the just.

This is even a lesson for the future and for every Gemini day. Our future depends on our actions in the present. To harvest, we need to plant.

Enjoy every moment of 2022. The likely calm of 2022 has an objective: it’s time to improve your knowledge and live the current moment better. If it is to kiss, hug, laugh, be it with extreme intensity. On the other hand, the calm that this year will provide you is ideal to find the balance between thoughts and attitudes. This is a calm period that will allow you to increase your level of awareness.

Use this moment to hear more of your conscience, your desires. Thus, you will be able to have new perspectives on your life and find alternative ways to achieve your dreams.


You usually have a great game of waist, can adapt and handle the best way in different situations. 2022 prepares great challenges in the life of Libra, sign of the air element. In some situations, it is important to act behind the scenes, in secondary roles.

This type of attitude serves as a way to gain experience for opportunities that will arise in the future. Be careful with gossip and criticism, they can reverse and cause problems for you. There is no point in wasting your time trying to understand why, it is simply part of the lesson on balance.

Libran women, pay attention! 2022 will be a year that can intensify friction with other female figures in your life. Mother, sister, boss, femininity itself and even love can lead to new conflicts.

If there is a repressed affective disagreement, it is very likely that it will intensify this year. Keeping calm and talking are always great options to balance these conflicts and keep them under your control.

Perhaps you are faced with situations in which this problem will surface again, which will make it possible to better understand the psychological and emotional block, allowing it to be overcome.

Use optimism to your advantage. According to the predictions for the sign of Libra, 2022 has everything to be a great year. Recalling that it takes patience, persistence, courage and a lot of love in the heart, and so, for sure, things will flow very well.


It will be easier to overcome the challenges and achieve your goals. The predictions for the sign of Aquarius indicate that you will have a great lesson to learn this year, both spiritually and materially.

This vibration teaches us that material values, social success, ambition and the exercise of power only have a future if the mind or spirit behind them aims at development, freedom and growth … for everyone and not just for interests petty individuals.

Remember, peace of mind and zeal for the well-being of others are things that help you live better. We live in a cycle of energies, if we think of good things, we attract positivity. Always try to wish good, the rest comes!

Everything indicates that this year is a good time to achieve this goal, the stars are in your favor. 2022 can be favorable to a marriage that will bring a certain financial tranquility ”

2022 is also a year to measure your steps well. Each decision must be measured and analyzed from different angles, avoid taking action on impulse. It is advisable to be very cautious during the passage of this strong vibration, as problems can also affect those who are not alert. Take precautions against theft, fraud, losses, accidents, hoaxes or lawsuits.

Fire Signs:


It is important to note that not everything happens when we want to, and you have to set your expectations so you don’t get angry. You have to understand that in 2022 a feeling of freedom will take over your life, a desire to be free. There is no way to anticipate things, but you can make better use of each situation. In fact, this is the message that the horoscope sends to those who are Aries. You will feel a great need to take advantage of the present moment and to enrich yourself with some of the wonderful experiences that life has to offer.

2022 will demand more play from you and attention to detail. Often, listen more and speak less. This will help you make the right decision in each situation. Use this desire for liveliness to be more flexible than your competitors, to adapt easily to the unexpected.


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If you have plans to start something in this new year it is better to think calmly, the stars recommend caution. This will be a year in which it is necessary to purify oneself instead of starting new projects. Take the opportunity to rethink your real desires and expectations, do not act so hard. Be content to reflect on new things for 2022.

You know that saying that only reaps good fruit, who planted it? Well, everything indicates that this will be the time to reap the results of previous years. The order for 2022 will be to evaluate what you did with your life and the consequences of old decisions. You will need to look at things from a new perspective. In addition, it is a year of closure and enrichment, with success, or, on the other hand, with sadness, losses, turbulence and suffering.

The victories that will be realized are reflections of what you have done so far, whether in love, at work or in other areas of your life. Do you know that your motto: “I want, I can, I can”? Well, this new period recommends more patience. Think hard before making big decisions.

It is a year to solve problems and in which it is not worth starting medium or long term projects. It is a very useful time when you reap the rewards, evaluate the present and make firm resolutions for the future. Take the opportunity to idealize your new goals, dreams, trips and start sowing these ideas.

It is a time to end cycles, to reap the profits from actions started in the past and also the time to reflect on what you want for the coming years. Leonina, be prepared to face turbulence, difficult situations and, above all, avoid acting only with emotion.


This will be a period of concluding past issues and developing new objectives. It will also be time to harvest what you planted in previous years. There won’t be much time for fun. After a year of joy and expression, material contingencies require your attention. This vibration prioritizes work.

Take advantage of positive energies in the professional field, but do not try to combat this vibration, this will only increase the risk of surprises or limitations. Therefore, 2022 is a period of building solid foundations and a lot of work.

The tip for you is to pay close attention to the small details in serious matters, such as work and home (maintenance). Your foundations must be built to last. An extra reserve of courage would be useful in this case, as there is a great risk that the work will come in the long term and you will have to show perseverance. Your success will depend on your constancy and your tenacity.

The secret to the success of your actions is to act with a lot of organization and always thinking, helping others in this period is also essential, after all, excess of individuality is not good for anyone. Don’t be distracted during this time. This is the time to stabilize your affective life and think about the future. It is not a particularly good year to start new things; you may even have to go through a waiting period for unification projects.

Earth Signs:


For Taurean 2021 it was full of changes. However, 2022 will be a year of permanence. During this period, you should pay attention to inner issues such as family relationships, love and daily responsibilities. It will be a moment of extreme calm. During this new phase, seek harmony and stability, as well as the solution of personal problems.

2022 will be a year of self-affirmation and more humanitarian. Learn to do things without expecting something in return. It is a learning cycle to find the balance you so desire. You will need to show your sense of responsibility, your ability to adapt and to give without receiving.

It can be a very productive year if you are willing to share your time with others. It is necessary to learn to create harmony and resolve crises in a gentle way, avoiding aggravating situations. Try to maintain a happy mood, do not feel sorry for yourself and this period will bring you satisfaction.

It’s all up to you. If you look forward to this year’s arrival with optimism, the chances of victory and success in your journey will be great. Everything indicates that 2022 will be of little concern and the person of this sign will have the opportunity to receive a promotion.

However, if you have little expectation or are even unmotivated about the new year, this feeling will contaminate your achievements. Responsibilities will be more difficult to deal with, often more present than desired. You will be challenged to bring peace to the places you frequent, a period that will bring out your ability to help and spread harmony.


Organized and detailed, you tend to plan everything in your life well in advance. The coming year will bring very positive energy. Take the opportunity to change habits, make decisions about the future, invest in the long term, start new activities or look for new opportunities.

This powerful energy that is coming will help the Virgo woman to achieve her planned goals in previous years. So, enjoy this moment in the best possible way. You will have new experiences and knowledge to touch your life in a very positive way in the future.

Opportunities will come easily – The element that governs Virgo is the land. So it is so down to earth. You deprive yourself of many things for fear of making mistakes. 2022 is the year you need to take care that this insecurity does not prevent you from taking advantage of new opportunities. This will be a time for personal growth. Enjoy!

You need to act calmly in relation to the new chances that will arise, measure the consequences and results you want to achieve. Do not throw yourself unconsciously into new ventures, because you will not have outside help. The success of these new opportunities depends only on you.

Virgo will be more authoritarian in the face of more submissive, passive colleagues and friends. What deserves care. Don’t let your power of influence go to your head and remember the law of return. Do not do with the other what you would not like them to do to you.


You are synonymous with stability and love the repetitive rhythm of everyday life. It is your comfort zone, since you don’t like changes in your life very much. According to the stars, the recommendation for 2022 is: “Free yourself”, it’s time to try the new. The famous routine will not be part of this year, nor will it be very stable in certain areas of your life. The good news is that it will be totally enriching.

Self-knowledge – How will the stars influence your life? Mutations and freedom are aimed at personal growth. This will require maturity and patience, especially, to learn to use free will. Idealizing, desiring and planning are the keys to achieving success in a year with many changes. Since 2022 is not very stable, it will be necessary to adapt as quickly as possible to achieve your goals. Patience, focus and perseverance are essential. Get over it and show what you’re capable of!

This will be an excellent year to make changes in your life, do not rule out the possibility of learning new activities or even a trip abroad. If decisions are made carefully, they will result in a promising future. You just have to prove your adaptive power and your skills. This shouldn’t be a problem as your mind, imagination, intuition and curiosity will stand out this year.

Water Signs:


The Cancerian is very careful and protective, often starting to organize everything in advance. Thus, the head is full. Various objectives, projects, lists of things to do and plans seem to arise from all sides, don’t they? And with several issues to resolve, it’s impossible to keep everything in control. But stay calm, this year promises to have several achievements.

Solve your problems honestly – While energies intensify your financial success, they will also accentuate the possibilities of failure in areas that the Cancer native doesn’t pay attention to. Take care of your health, family relationships, friendships and other sectors of your life, just in case, visit friends and keep your exams up to date.

Problems will arise in your life and try to solve them honestly. Remember, positive energy attracts more positivity. Avoid doing things with interest or negative energy.

Leadership or manipulation power? Sometime in 2022 you will be tested and invited to lead others. It is your opportunity to show the ability to take on great responsibilities. But be aware that the power does not go to the head, to lead is not to be the owner of reason. Learn to listen before making your conclusions. Do not fall into the trap of confusing natural authority with a tendency towards authoritarianism.

Some situations can make you uncomfortable, causing tension. You will deal with a form of protection that is excessive (under someone else’s supervision) and also with injustice and criticism. You must act calmly to overcome obstacles with your head held high, so you can keep the positive energies around you.


Believe me, reading about what’s going to happen next year will help you better prepare for the unknown. When it comes to work people who are involved in areas of communication will have the best possibilities to achieve their goals. Literature, the arts, oral expression, the media, public relations, commerce and exchange will be favored this year. Your intellectual liveliness, your creativity and your human warmth will be stimulated. You can make the most of this by expanding your horizons or changing areas.

Also take advantage of the recommendations related to communication and energies of 2022 to broaden horizons in social life. You are passionate, friendly and determined, winning people has never been a great effort, now, imagine with the stars in your favor? It will be quite a year for interpersonal relationships. Maybe you can discover some new skills, increase your confidence and be more radiant. If you make full use of this vibration, you will find that your imagination and your sense of humor will attract the attention of other people, who will see you as a charismatic person.

Your sensitivity will change, you will see the world differently. But don’t despair, changing the outlook and perspective on things is always a good thing. The tip is that you also make time for pleasure and fun. Get rid of your usual limitations, use your dynamism to do new things, to improve your knowledge.

Use all your intensity, your emotional and your dedication to meet all the goals in 2022. Enjoy, the stars are in your favor. Avoid superficiality, gossip and especially unnecessary expenses. Your creativity and your success must take priority.


Dreamy and idealistic, she always wants to know more about the future. Your sign belongs to the water element and it shows that the contact with the feelings is very strong for you. Therefore, this coming year will be more difficult and may generate a shortage.

It will be a year to think, understand and even try to understand life before taking steps towards the future. There may be loneliness in certain aspects of life, such as in the love area. Take time before you go ahead and prepare for the changes. Reflect and take the opportunity to understand yourself better.

Intellectuality will be on the rise in 2022. As already said at the beginning, 2022 will be a year to stop and think. Full of new knowledge, this new phase will bring a new routine to your life. Intellectual work, research and writing-related activities will be favored.

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