Discover what destiny has in store for you in 2020 in terms of love and couple life!


mercury retrograde in scorpio

The year 2020 takes you by surprise and presents you with a fait accompli. There are matters to clarify and explain and most are related to your life partner.


They won’t pass easily and you are going to feel on your own skin their emotional consequences.

You will often feel that you are misunderstood and confused. Communication is the solution to any issues that may occur in the couple life.


In 2020, the Taurus natives should not take long-term decisions, without taking into consideration the wishes of their partners.

This year is the fire test for the relationship with the life partner. The unpredictable and the gossip can ruin in a second what you’ve been building in years.

We recommend more temperance, more precaution, and more faith in each other.


Beautiful love stories can be born for the Gemini natives through travels or an important trip they have to make.

Enthusiasm, romance, love at first sight… And for the married natives or those involved into a relationship, 2020 is going to be extremely romantic.

Away from the tumult of the city and the care of children, in an exotic mini-vacation, you can relive the thrill of the beginning next to your partner.


For the Cancer natives, 2019 didn’t end quite well. The unfinished meeting, the delays, the relationship debuts that remained in standby because the partner went to another country, the confusing situations, and the relationships from the beginning of 2020 were not quite under the sign of fulfillment.


Gradually, starting from the second half of May, a 360 degrees change in the situation will occur for the Cancer natives.

Everything is resumed from the starting point, this time with great chances of success and happiness. The end of fall brings marriage proposals and engagements.


A 2020 year with good and bad events, with everything, for the Leo sign. Too much involvement, too much stress at work or a burning desire to find a job… is reflected in the relationship with the life partner.

Take a break in the middle of June and plan a week just for the two of you. Forget the professional duties and remember all the beautiful memories you have together. It is amazing how much it can help!


Big news will occur in the life of Virgo natives, news about family or an increase in family, which will completely change the coordinates, bringing you enthusiasm beyond measure.

The couple life, which was harmonious until now, goes through a more hectic, but beautiful period.

You are thinking seriously of bringing a child into the world or maybe someone very dear from your family (child or relative) will make you a surprise in this regard… Enjoy it and leave aside any domestic worries.

They are insignificant and you are going to overcome them.


Starting from March , a new stage in the life of Libra will begin, a stage which will bring periods of maximum strain, but also periods of fulfillment and happiness.

This could be related to moving in with your life partner, obtaining a new status – of a married person, or even giving birth to a child. The new is an element which will strongly put its mark on the emotional life of Libra natives.


There are two possibilities for the Scorpio natives during this year: either they make time and focus their will to save their relationship, or they decide it is time to put an end to it and move on.

Either way, quit having absurd demands and excessively high expectations from your life partner.

Write down on a paper everything you’ve invested lately and you will be able to make a fair balance of what you’ve offered and what you’ve received.


This year sound seductively prolific for the single Sagittarius natives, who enjoy emotional adventure, but also seductively dangerous for the married or for those involved in a relationship.

For them, more or less guilty flirting may occur, seducer-seduced interactions, exchanges of glances or replies with someone other than the life partner.

Remain at this stage if you don’t want to risk your relationship with your life partner for a breeze in the wind.


A thrilling, exciting and, especially, unexpected year for the single Capricorns! If you have in mind a pattern of how your life partner should look like or how you should meet him, maybe it is time to erase it.

This year, love comes in unexpected ways, through the Internet or through some events that you need to attend.

Regarding the person you will fall in love with, again, you might have a big surprise. He either has a different nationality, or he is an old friend/ a former lover, or he is much younger than you.

As long as your feelings are real, nothing else should matter! The love relationships this year are privileged and favored by the stars.


This year, everything depends on the perspective from which you want to look at things. If you want war, there will be war.

If you want peace and quiet, there will be peace. The path and the evolution of your relationship depend to a great extent on yourself and on the expectation you’ve built over time.

Things have the tendency to twist or get out of control, taking a totally unexpected turn.

When left uncontrolled, the small misunderstandings can lead to irremediable rifts and domestic problems.

However, a conversation can make miracles, bringing clarification. Communication becomes vital in order to get through this period successfully.

The last month of the fall brings harmony and serenity, and for some, the surety of a marriage.


The unexpected encounters are the ones coloring this 2020 year, bringing the Pisces natives closer to genuine emotions. A new love will emerge on the background of an older love relationship.


It is very possible to meet again someone dear from your past. In this case, the feelings will become profound.

At the same time, it is possible to meet someone from your old common circle and, this time, you will look at her with other eyes, the eyes of attraction.

A beautiful relationship can start, a bit ingenuous and a warm and strong relationship can develop between two mature people, which now have the chance to truly discover each other.

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