Mercury Retrograde 2019

Did you notice it? It’s the last Mercury retrograde of 2019 and no, “Okay!”, No. Stop cheering because you’ll have to bite the bullet so nothing will disturb your November peace. The most affected during these days will be communication and we already know what happens when it is scarce …

  • Mercury Retrograde will be in effect from Halloween night (October 31 – November 1), until November 20.
  • It will affect, above all, communication and reasoning, since this phenomenon will happen on Scorpio.
mercury retrograde 2019

Body earth! There are only a few hours left for the most feared astral event to enter the scene: Mercury Retrograde. “Again?”, You think. “It’s the third of 2019!”, You will yell looking up at the sky.

Well yes, dear Cosmo girl! Life is not like a movie, it is like a series, and in the season that you are living right now you have to go through this phenomenon.

It is what it is. But do not think that this will be able to you. Nothing is further from reality. That is what we are here for.

The first thing you have to assimilate is that yes, there will be drama, drama and drama in the three weeks that it lasts (until November 20) and that things may get a little ball for you. Don’t blame us; do it to Scorpio, star on which it will be produced.

This directly affects the mind and communication, aspects that, if they do not flow well, will generate the greatest conflicts.

However, if you understand why your life will be like a bad comedy (because forget about the romantic), well, hey, maybe you’re going to do much better! It is always better to live in wisdom than in ignorance, right?

What is Mercury Retrograde 2019?

And for that, you must know the real meaning about what Mercury Retrograde 2021 is. Place in your mind the map of the stars.

As the months go by, all the components of the solar system (that is, the Sun and the planets) advance through each of the zodiac signs (Aries, Virgo, Scorpio …). Well, when we talk about something retrograde, it is because the opposite occurs.

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, has receded backwards on its orbit, thus hindering the natural flow of things.

The named water sign is one of the most intense and passionate in the horoscope, and, if you add to this that the first star of the solar system directly influences the way we speak, reason, assimilate information and analyze … just it means that everything you let go of that little mouth can be misinterpreted by the other person, since none of us will be able to think or go beyond the basic instincts.

In other words, if you just broke up with your ‘boyfriend’ because of the typical conflict entitled ‘One of the two wants more’, wait until November 20 to talk things over. If you do it now, you may end up like the Rosary of Dawn.

Has there been a situation at work that you have not felt comfortable with? Analyze your words before releasing them, they may be charged with fire. Or have you even taken personally that ugly little gesture that a friend has made towards you? Surely you haven’t even noticed! But you will take it as the end of the world, so do not write the Bible in verse for WhatsApp.

According to , Mercury is Retrograde in 2021 three time. The first Retrograde period begins on January 31 and ends on February 19.

How to overcome the Mercury Retrograde of October and November 2019

In short, you should avoid exposing yourself or facing situations in which you do not have all with you that the result will be successful because, literally, you are going to speak without thinking the least bit.

Take precautions (not only in sex), do not get carried away by your impulses (even when it comes to spending little money) and let the ideas run through your mind a couple of times before realizing them.

Let’s see, overcoming a Mercury Retrograde, like this one in November 2019 or any other, is not an easy thing. But if you fear that by not exposing yourself to things at this precise moment, you will not be able to do it later, you are very wrong!

Life goes on and, as we have told you, it is not a movie. It is a series worthy of a blockbuster behind it, with its chapters, its pluses, minuses, its moments of madness and its moments of thinking about things. Just like you should do now.

It must be borne in mind that the coming years will be better than 2019. There will be better periods. According to professional astrologers, for example, the Year of the Ox 2021 will be a lucky one, which will bring many advantages both financially and lovingly.

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