There are two types of moon signs: natal moon signs and transiting moon signs. Your natal moon sign is the zodiac sign occupied by the moon at your date and time of birth. It shows how you may react to things emotionally, where your caring or nurturing instinct shows itself, how you feel about your home, and where you may have strong loves, desires or attractions.

If you do not know your natal moon sign, you will need to obtain a free natal chart. Once you learn your moon sign, go to other signs for interpretations.

Transiting moon signs, or moon transits, are the day-to-day positions of the moon (or the positions of the moon for any time, past of future). Moon transits can be a valuable part of future forecasting.

The current moon calendar will give the accurate zodiac sign placement of the moon for any day this month. Read further to see how you may predict what will happen on important upcoming dates!

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How to use the Moon Calendar in conjunction with Moon Transit interpretations

The moon enters a new zodiac sign approximately every 2 1/2 days. The position of the transiting moon (moon’s current position) tells a lot about how people will react to one another. Because the moon rules emotions, it helps determine people’s moods in general.

Thus, the outcomes of all events involving human interaction are greatly affected by the moon’s sign position. If you are planning a party, check out the position of the moon on the day in question to see how things will go or how successful the party will be. Casual social events do best under a Libra, Aquarius, Leo or Gemini moon, but tend not to go well if the moon is in Aries, Virgo or Capricorn.

If you are planning to have a meeting, negotiation, heart-to-heart conversation or surprise announcement with one person only, you might want to wait until the moon moves into the sun sign of the other person. Because the moon has a softening effect on one’s personality, he or she will be more amenable to what you have to say.

The moon also rules over anything connected with home or family, so interaction among family members, weddings, family get-togethers and reunions, as well as the general atmosphere within the home environment, are all greatly affected by the moon’s sign position. Fights among family members, for instance, are more apt to break out while the moon is in Aries.

The Moon in Aries

With the Moon in Aries, you have a quick but changeable mind, capable of making instantaneous decisions. You are creative, enthusiastic, action loving, ambitious and energetic. Generally, there is great enthusiasm for life, but this can lead to impetuous or whimsical behavior which causes you to rush headlong into things without considering the long-term view.

Feeling the need to assert yourself, you’ll hold your ground against opposing views, attitudes and advice until you find your own way, and the path you generally take is the shortest route to achieve your goals. You can be innovative and original, constantly seeking to break new ground.

You are likely interested in some type of personal self development, manifesting on an educational, emotional or spirtitual level. You could easily assume a role of caring for or accomodating others. You generally need to be acknowledged for who you are.

The Moon in Taurus

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, giving you an even temperament and emotional stability. Strong and enduring emotionally, you tend to be steady and reliable in personal and professional relationships.

There can be a strong interest in finances, leading to increased interest in banking activities, profit-making ventures and material acquisition. An interest in coins, currency or precious metals is also likely. A conservative, traditional or moral outlook is typical, and the values and attitudes you acquire early in life tend to stay with you for a lifetime.

There can be great appreciation or ability in the arts, especially in singing, painting, sculpture or metal work. Generally, there is a love of the earth, leading to interests in farming, gardening, gemstones, mineralogy or mining. These and similar interests bring great tranquility.

The Moon in Gemini

With the Moon in Gemini, you have a quick mind and changeable emotions, with a tendency to restlessness or to being high-strung. You need to be in constant motion which gives you the habit of doing several things at once.

A love of communication makes you talkative, a conversationalist and an intelligent listener. Possessing a lively, intellectual attitude, you need feedback from others concerning your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Your natural curiosity and need for mental stimulation could make you an avid reader.

You might like to keep yourself occupied in activities such as busy work, crafts, typing, golf or piano playing. Eschewing arduousness in all its forms, you like to keep things light and uncomplicated, and prefer to deal with things that can be dispensed with quickly and easily. To balance out mental activities, physical activity such as walking should be encouraged.

The Moon in Cancer

With the moon in Cancer, you have a high emotional level accompanied by a need to cherish and protect. Sentimental by nature, you are attracted to home matters, parents, children, pets and family, and need to be involved in family activities.

You are sensitive to the feelings of others and have a need for emotional bonding at some level with just about everyone you know. You tend to seek out strong people from whom you gain strength and to whom you can offer support. Food or food preparation interests you, and you could easily have a gourmet palate.

Your sense of nostalgia is highly developed, giving you a longing for the ‘good old days,’ this representing a time either from your own past or from a period of the historical past. You have a good imagination which easily carries your thoughts to far off times and places.

The Moon in Leo

With the moon in Leo, you are self-confident, dynamic, fun-loving and enthusiastic. A general feeling of optimism gives you a sunny disposition and the ability to rouse others to a new project or purpose. Sometimes wearing your heart on your sleeve, you have a flair for the dramatic; your feelings are expressed in grandiose style or melodramatic manner. Needing to be appreciated, you love compliments and will do what it takes to gain recognition for your efforts.

You have a special affinity for children, likely demonstrating an interest in their talents or recreational activities.

You can sometimes put yourself in a supportive role for others, especially high-profile and talented people. You have a love of theatre, acting or any of a number of performance activities. Having a zest for life, you know how to have a good time and indulge in all sorts of recreational activities.

The Moon in Virgo

With the Moon in Virgo, you are practical, detail-oriented and health conscious. Rather than put your time into areas of dubious value, you prefer to focus on the job at hand, tending to practical matters with great efficiency. You love the security of a regular routine.

Your conversations may tend to center on business (talking ‘shop’), technology, health, science or work-related issues. A good deal of energy will be focused on health issues— medical techniques, alternative therapies or diet.

There is a need for order in just about every area of your life, to the point that you cannot work in disorderly surroundings or that you feel uncomfortable in an untidy environment. Your mind tends to be sharp and clear; you have a good memory for details, numbers, odd facts or trivia. There may be an interest in chemistry, gardening, health foods, gadgets or technology. In general, you have a refined manner and a willingness to be of service.

The Moon in Libra

With the Moon in Libra, you are charming, courteous and have a desire to please. Popular and well-liked, you probably consider yourself a ‘people person. You might be accused of being a ‘social butterfly,’ for you have a love of social activities ranging from parties to formal affairs to casual get-togethers with friends.

Preferring to think in terms or ‘we’ instead of ‘I,’ you have a need for partnership and close personal relationships. You are at your best when working with others or in an equal partnership where decision making is shared. You have a love of harmony which expresses itself through a longing for peace and quiet, artistic appreciation, loving relationships and beautiful surroundings.

Your outlook on life is generally refined, inclining you to the social graces, the finer things in life and artistic pursuits. You probably demonstrate ability in art and crafts, poetry, interior decorating or culinary arts.

The Moon in Scorpio

With the Moon in Scorpio, there is a need for fullness of experience in all areas of life. You tend to be more passionate than most, bringing a greater-than-usual intensity to the expression of your opinions, beliefs and ideologies.

A craving for intensity of experience expresses itself in activities ranging from sexual behavior to taking a stand on social issues to acts of religious devotion. There is a need to ‘get to the bottom line’ or to the heart of the matter, which demands that all dealings, interactions and negotiations are based on substance rather than on superficiality.

You sometimes feel that to express your emotions as deeply as you would like would not be socially accepted; you can therefore suppress emotions under a mask of normalcy only to give vent to them at a later opportunity. Your taste in foods may run to extremes, at times attracting you to foods that are too fatty, salty, spicy, sweet or rich tasting.

The Moon in Sagittarius

With the Moon in Sagittarius, you are frank, optimistic, cheerful, freedom-loving and restless. In general there is a need to expand your horizons, and this may be expressed through travel, trips to the great outdoors, or delving into subject matter along educational lines.

While the expansive qualities of Sagittarius will make you warm, friendly and spontaneous, your enthusiasm can sometimes be short-lived, and this leads to unfinished business in many areas. You could be high-strung, your nervous energies needing release in some form of physical activity such as sports, gymnastics or dance.

For more sedate types, this excess energy expresses itself as a need to meet a challenge, to debate the issues of the day, or to start a new project.

A strong social awareness inevitably leads you into discussions over social issues, religion or politics. You are generally patriotic, having strong feelings about the country in which you live or the country of your heritage.

The Moon in Capricorn

With the Moon in Capricorn, you tend to be ambitious, reserved, cautious, shrewd and prudent. You could be less expressive of your emotions than most, sometimes appearing insensitive or unsympathetic. In reality, your emotions are intact but subdued, often emerging as humor or glibness toward serious issues, masking the depth of the underlying feeling.

Feeling the need for success and the achievement of some type of status, you could be attracted to the inner workings of business or to dealing with the challenges in your career. You generally have a sense of duty toward career, family, relationships and country, prompting you to take on your share of responsibilities in these areas.

Unafraid of challenges, you are attracted to disciplines such as dieting, martial arts or yoga, which boost your sense of accomplishment. Sometimes an overly serious attitude toward life can bring on melancholy or depression.

The Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius, you are unconventional, gregarious, high-spirited and humanitarian. A love of cooperation draws you to group activities or projects in which a common goal is sought. While there is a tendency to fraternize, the bonding is more intellectual than emotional, appearing as aloofness in the personal sense but as camaraderie in the context of a group.

You have a certain flair, appeal or allure which makes you ‘connect’ with the masses or with people of your own generation. Your lifestyle could be at odds with the accepted norm, but this is probably due to your progressive view.

The forward-looking aspect of Aquarius makes you tolerant of change and unites you with others in wanting to create a better tomorrow. Always insisting on your own individuality, you express yourself in unique ways, sometimes appearing strange, eccentric or ingenious to more conservative types. You are attracted to the occult, astrology and UFO’s.

The Moon in Pisces

With the Moon in Pisces, you are intuitive, creative, kind and spiritually aware, with a sensitivity to intangible forces. You often pick up on the thoughts, feelings or ‘vibes’ of those around you. A chameleon-like quality which causes you to unconsciously adapt to your surroundings makes you easily affected by others for better or worse; your friends should be selected wisely. While there is a desire to put idealistic principles into action, harsh realities may bring discouragement.

The super-subtlety of Pisces can make you feel vulnerable and impressionable, causing you to withdraw from social interaction.

This is a compassionate placement for the Moon, prompting acts of mercy to the sick, elderly or poor. You have a love of, or ability in, music, magic, hypnotism, photography, cinematography or psychism. Your tremendous faith gives you the power of belief without needing proof. You may choose a meditative or inspirational setting in which to live.