Virgo – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Virgo’s time of year is the transition between summer and autumn. In the day, the Virgo hours end with sundown. In life, it is the stage between adolescence and young adulthood.

There is much to do at the end of the day, the putting away of tools, the endings of tasks, the cleaning up. Plants going to seed vest themselves in the future. Summer’s end is a wrapping up, a finishing of details, a gathering. Now we want to put what’s gone before to good use.

Something cold and sobering is just over the horizon. Easy abundance is ending; all that will grow for the year has grown. The cool air is invigorating; so is the challenge of preparing for winter. This is a busy time; there’s a sense of importance about what is and what has been and what’s yet to come. Time seems to change; we can no longer, quite, live wholly in the now. The frivolity of youth has given way to something more important. There’s anticipation in the air, quickening us, preparing us for challenge.


The maturing adolescent takes on responsibility, and very seriously, or feels he should, and if he fails himself, he is unhappy indeed. It is the participation in the grown-up world and being valued there which most pleases us at this stage. We want to be engaged in some larger purpose than our own self-interest, some collective good, some future.

We are at this phase eager to prove ourselves able and worthy. We seek mentorship, always, and congratulation for our efforts. It is our ardent willingness to give which we know about ourselves most intimately.

Our sacrifice to the family, the clan, the tribe is our sobriety; others may not recognize what a sacrifice this is. If it goes unnoticed, we become angry and rebellious, to demonstrate what we’re capable of in the other direction and how far toward good our discipline has taken us.

We reward praise with tireless effort and punish criticism by playing the reprobate. We try on the masks of mentors; we test what it is to be bossy, judgmental, dictatorial, gracious, magnanimous, capable. We try on mantles and collars, robes of office. All of this is to find some way in which we might truly matter and contribute to the good of our fellows.

With youthful fervor, we want to right a wrong, heal a wound. rectify an error, build a bridge, make life simpler, easier, happier.

Sometimes, when the burden of adulthood is too heavy, we enjoy what seems our last fling of youth. This seems our right, and probably is, though we have to pay the consequences.

The Virgo phase of a cycle is a sober setting to, a taking on of goal and ambition, a desire to contribute something of worth to the evolution of our species. We’re aware of unknowns ahead of is, and we want to be prepared as well as possible.

Scorpio – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Winter has become immanent in Scorpio’s month. We must retreat indoors sometimes. Increasingly, there is much time and little to do. We’re restless, not accustomed to being hemmed in by cold or dark or any circumstance beyond our control. We do not give up control easily.

Light decreases daily; limitations are felt; our own potentials seem to be waning. We take a measure of ourselves. Because we do not have much to attend to, we attend deeply. Nights are long.

The patterns of summer and fall, of flowers and leaves, have fallen away. This may be the most colorless month. We face death now; the reckoning jolts and impels us. There’s a need to conceive something new, something which might survive what’s ahead and be born in a new season.

Entertainments and amusements are contemptible unless they matter to the far future. Scorpio welcomes a challenge. Everything must matter and matter deeply, to one’s self and to the whole of life. Compost matters. Seeds burrow. Vision and faith are essential.

We and all of the plant world vest seed in the hope of awakening anew, being reborn.

In reckoning death, we cease to be intimidated by taboos. We penetrate them and discover the mysteries behind them. We conceive and bear progeny, whether children or some work which will outlive us. If we cannot create, for whatever reason, we brood. We may be overtaken with single-minded obsession.

Evaluation is keen-eyed. Our looking is a long and broad looking, from a distant perspective. What about the past cycle is worth keeping and vesting in the new? What needs to be discarded? We want to create children (in real or metaphoric sense) free of our own flaws and unhampered by our own remembered disadvantages.

In this month more than any other, ends seem to justify means, for we are willing to give even ourselves wholly to what’s to come. Scorpio is capable of great personal sacrifice.

Scorpio is indeed the season of the phoenix. More than any other, it faces the unknown. Anticipating winter is far more fearsome, typically, than living it. Scorpio may at times be consumed by fear, and Scorpio’s reward is nothing less than transcendence.

Sagittarius – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Winter has arrived now. It seems not so harsh, not so bad as we feared. The hunt is still possible some days. Having endured the forced slowdown of Scorpio, we accustom ourselves to the slowed pace of winter.

We’ve likely invented ways to keep busy and can enjoy the lull of making implements and weaving baskets. We move from one small task to another, enjoying easy conversation, camaraderie, the sharing of skills and resources. We cultivate rhythm.

In life, this is the time of raising young, teaching them, tending to them, protecting them. (The Sagittarian outlook is to see others as “children” needy of competent serene care.)

Chiding our November fears, our October romanticism, our September earnestness (chuckling at it sometimes), we feel capable, even a little tough. We value our own sturdiness and consistency. Parents of young children need such confidence. It’s a Sagittarian duty to make levity of what is grave. Intolerance isn’t tolerated.

Because of our responsibilities we cannot be so impulsively self-directed as before; circumstance and momentary necessity often structure our days.

If a blizzard comes to frighten, we remain calm to keep those weaker calm too. If we find ourselves quaking inside, we hide it, for the good of others. Humor becomes our great friend now, as it always is in times of impending danger.

The Sagittarius phase of a process requires us to live inside limitations with grace and serenity, to make use of what’s available, to strive little, and complain not at all. It requires frugality and rhythm. We are not to consider obstacles or limits now; rather it’s our task to work around them and play despite them.